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Feature Articles include:

An Ultra-conservative Path Leads to Unparalleled Patient Satisfaction - by Ellen Katz, DDS

The Back-to-Back Class II Composite: A Predictable Workflow for One of the

Most Common Clinical Procedures - by Megan Shelton, DMD 

5 Restorative Clinicians' Take on DualForce™ Sectional Matrix System - by Clinician's Choice Dental

Learn The Bioclear Method: Backed by Science - by Clinical Research Dental

How to Get Rid of Food Traps Quickly and Easily - by Agatha Bis, DDS

Ask the Expert: An Interview with Ed Lowe, DMD, AAACD on Soft Tissue Diode Lasers 

Interdental Cleaning on a Scientific Foundation - by Sanjay Haryana, DDS, MSc, EMBA, Clinical and Education, TePe®

Success and Predictable Results with Anterior Composites Every Single Time - by David Chan, DMD, AAACD

Science or Shenanigans? Is UV Light Teeth Whitening Safe and Effective? - by Daniel Lewis, Ultradent

Why Does Implant Dentistry Need a Dedicated Screw Channel Barrier Material? - by 35Newtons


Feature Articles include:

Creating Beautiful Anterior Composite Restorations - by David Chan, DMD, AAACD 

Clinician's Choice - A History of Education - by Peter Jordan, CEO, Clinical Research Dental & Clinician's Choice Dental

Implant Maintenance - Fundamental for Preventing Peri-Implant Disease - by Sanjay Haryana, DDS, MSc, EMBA, Clinical and Education, TePe

The Importance of a Correct Diagnosis for a Correct (and Effective) Teeth Whitening Treatment - by Dr. Alexandre Franco, Ultradent

Did you Spot the Restoration? - by Clinical Research Dental

5 Restorative Clinicians' Take on True™ Dental Dam - by Clinician's Choice Dental

Clinical Guide: Class II Restoration of First Premolar with Interproximal Decay - by Daniel Lewis, Ultradent 

Ask the Expert: An Interview with Bob Margeas, DDS on Universal Composites

A Curing Light is not just a Light: Flexibility is Crucial - by Petteri Viljakainen, Ultradent

Ask the Expert: An Interview with Dean Vafiadis, DDS on Adjusting and Polishing Zirconia Restorations


Feature Articles include:

A Conservative Approach to Restoring the Worn Anterior Dentition - By Newton Fahl, DDS, MS 

Irradiance vs. Power: Curing Light Performance
 - by Daniel Lewis, Ultradent™

5 on 5 Clinical Must-Haves from 5 Restorative Educators - By Clinician's Choice® 

Ask the Expert: An Interview with Nate Lawson, DMD, MA, PhD on the Fabrication of Temporary Restorations

The Best Burs to Cut Zirconia Crowns - by Clinical Research Dental

Bestsellers Canadian Dentists Love - Burs for Clinical Success in 2023

Benefits That Last: Enamelast™ Fluoride Varnish - Contributed by Ultradent™

Smile Enhancement in the Era of Minimal Tooth Reduction - Dimple Desai, DDS, AAACD

30 Years of Destination CE - An Interview with Irene Lamonde - by Clinical Research Dental

FALL 2022

Feature Articles include:

The Missing Tooth: How the General Dentist and a Multidisciplinary Approach Can Achieve an Excellent Clinical Outcome - By Danièle Larose, DMD, AAACD 

Which Endo File is Right for Me?
 - By Mr. Brian Bevan, Endodontic Product Manager

Efficient Post Core Fabrication - By Manfred Friedman, BDS, BChD

5 on 5 Clinical Must-Haves from 5 Restorative Educators - By Clinician's Choice® 

Bioclear™ Matrix Choices for 2023 - By David Clark, DDS

Utilizing a Soft Tissue Diode Laser for a Direct Resin Restoration - Troy Schmedding, DDS, AAACD

7 on 7 Ultradent™ Favourites from 7 CRD Specialists - Featuring the CRD Team


Feature Articles include:

Facially Driven, Single Opacity Composite Veneers - By Mark Bowes, BDS Rand 

Choosing the Right Burs for Optimal Restorative Results and Productivity - By Clinical Research Dental

Fast and Efficient Outcomes with Cosmedent® Renamel® BULKfill
 - By Elaine S. Bylis, DDS

Gingival Sculpting with a Soft Tissue Diode Laser - By Susan McMahon, DMD, AAACD, AGD 

Improving Trust, Value, and Diagnosis with Bioclear™ Dual Colour Disclosing Solution - By David Clark, DDS

5 Reasons Opalescence® Teeth Whitening is the Best Way to Whiten Teeth  - by Fabio Fowler, DDS Ultradent 

Your Guide to Using Komet® Burs for a Bioclear™ Method Class II Cavity Preparation - Komet USA

Ask the Expert: An Interview with Jihyon Kim, DDS on Polishing Systems

Class II Restoration Protocol Using a Sectional Matrix System - Devin McClintock, DDS


Feature Articles include:

Restoring a Lateral Incisor to Proper Dimension After Orthodontic Treatment -  Danièle Larose, DMD, AAACD

Addressing Parafunction with QuickSplint®
  - Lee Ann Brady, DMD

Composite Warming: Why and How
  - David Clark, DDS

Make a Great First Impression: Achieving Digital (or Traditional) Impression Success Utilizing 'Tried and True' Methods  -  Chad Duplantis, DDS, FAGD

Dentin Conservation During Root Canal Treatment - Bobby Nadeau, DDS, MSc

The Walking Bleach Method  - Dr. Jacques Nicolas Grebowiec

Increasing Restorative Success Means Making Smarter Choices Provisionalization - Douglas Harvey, BSc., DDS and Bob Margeas, DDS


Feature Articles include:

Predictable and Efficient Single Unit Crown Restorations -  Bob Marges, DDS

Simple Concepts to Shape and Polish Anterior Composites - David Chan, DMD, AAACD 

A New Direction in Restoring Interproximal Caries in Posterior Teeth: The Bioclear Method - Rafael Bustamante, BSc, DDS

Every Smile Brightened with Opalescence Whitening -  contributed by Ultradent

Total-etch adhesive bonding of a glass ceramic veneer and self-adhesive cementation of a zirconia crown - contributed by 3M Oral Care


Feature Articles include:

Simplifying the Class II Composite with Bulk Fill: Efficiency without compromise -  Marcos Vargas, BDB, DDS, MS and Kayla E. Erps, Senior Dental Student

Q&A: Interview with Bob Margeas, DDS on Electric Handpieces
-  with Bob Margeas, DDS 

Desensitization Protocol for Crowns Using G5
- Harald O. Heymann, DDS, MEd 

The Increased Risk of Tooth Decay in Adult Athletes & How to Prevent It
- Carol Jent, DA, RDH, BA

Dental Isolation in the COVID-19 Era
- Brian Bevan, Endodontic Product Manager

Ultimate Esthetics Using Non-VITA Shades for Diastema Closure - Marcos Vargas, BDB, DDS, MS

FALL 2020

Feature articles include:

Creating Predictable Composite Contacts -  Parag R. Kachalia, DDS

Instant Replay: DualForce Matrix Band & Active Wedge Placement -  with Marc Geissberger, DDS 

How to Replace Large Amalgam Restorations with Core Material without the Use of Matrix Bands
- Bob Margeas, DDS 

Minimally Invasive, Maximum Performance: A Common Sense Approach to Veneer Repair
- Ron Kaminar, DDS 

Comparison of Aerosol Spray Patterns: The First Step in Minimizing Chairside Risk
- Bien-Air

Restoring the Endodontically Treated Tooth - Doing More with Less - Manfred Friedman, DDS


Feature articles include:

Predictable Treatment for Solving the Black Triangle Dilemma - Dr. Taras Konanec, DDS

Cementation Technique for Monolithic Zirconia Crowns
-  Dr. Robert G Ritter, DMD

Achieve a Natural Colour on Stained Dentition with Pink Opaque
- Dr. Mopper, DDS, MS 

Hands-On LIVE Technique Tip – The Lingual Matrix Technique - Dr. Robert Margeas, DDS 

Appropriate Handling of Monolithic Zirconia Restorations Pre-Insertion
- Dr. Chad Duplantis, DDS, FAGD

FALL 2019

Feature Articles

“Just Take a Minute” Class IV Restorative CaseDr. Douglas Harvey, with Dr. Todd Snyder, DDS, FAACD

Crown Contact Adjustment: Immediately as Comfortable as Your Own Tooth - Dr. Daniel Kim, DDS, FAGD

Speaker Profile: Dr. David Chan 

"Clean. Precise. Fast” Introduction to Komet Crown Cutters - Komet USA