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MPa™ MAX is a total-etch adhesive system that provides maximum bond strength and maximum prevention of post-operative sensitivity. MPa MAX formulation includes 0.2% chlorhexidine to improve bond longevity; inhibiting MMPs. MPa MAX’s simple technique requires a single application on each adhesive wall.

Other benefits include:

  • Designed with slightly thicker viscosity, allowing you to easily coat each adhesive wall while ensuring the dentin and enamel are properly sealed
  • Consistently coats and seals dentin tubules which prevents intratubular fluid flow – the cause of post-operative pain
  • One of few adhesives that contains 0.2% CHX to help prevent adhesive bond degradation caused by MMPs
  • Bond strength in excess of 45 MPa to dentin and enamel

Try-It Guarantee

Restoration technique with the use of Clinician's Choice® MPa™ MAX Maximum Performance Adhesive

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Robert Margeas.

  1. After caries removal and placement of the matrix band and wedge, thoroughly clean and dry the preparation.

    MPa Max Technique 1
  2. Liberally apply Max-Etch H3PO4 to the preparation and etch for 20 seconds.

    MPa Max Technique 2
  3. Rinse the Max-Etch for a minimum of 5 seconds then scrub G5 All-Purpose Desensitizer onto the preparation for 10 seconds, blotting any excess. Leave the surface visibly moist.

    MPa Max Technique 3
  4. Apply MPa Max adhesive (ensuring each adhesive wall is coated) and gently scrub for 10 seconds. Thin and air dry using ¼ to ½ air pressure to evaporate the solvent, for 10 seconds. The preparation should appear shiny with no pooling.

    MPa Max Technique 4
  5. Light-cure for 10 seconds using a standard curing light with an output greater than 600 mW/cm² or 20 seconds if the output is less than 600 mW/cm².

    MPa Max Technique 5
  6. Proceed with placement and light-curing of the composite. A bulk-fill composite was used in this case.

    MPa Max Technique 6
  7. Use A.S.A.P. Pre-Polisher to remove surface scratches.

    MPa Max Technique 7
  8. Apply light pressure using the A.S.A.P. Final High Shine Polisher to quickly bring an esthetic lustre to the restoration. 20 seconds should do it!

    MPa Max Technique 8
  9. The final restoration: A combination of life-like esthetics and a strong, enduring dentin/enamel bond.

    MPa Max Technique 9
MPa Max Bond Strength Comparison Chart

In a recent independent research study, MPa MAX total-etch adhesive produced the highest bond strength to dentin, enamel, zirconia and lithium disilicate.*

MPa MAX Refill Bottle (Item Number: 266506): 5 mL bottle

MPa MAX Technique Kit (266901):

Q: Do I need to change my current bonding technique when switching to MPA MAX?

A: If you are already using a 5th generation adhesive, the only modification to your technique may be the application of only one layer of MPa MAX to each adhesive wall (rather than multiple layers on each adhesive wall). You may find that slightly more time is required to air thin the adhesive layer. If you are a self-etch user, then you have to adjust your technique to a total-etch technique.

Q: What is the viscosity of MPa MAX compared to what I’m currently using? Is it different from other products?

A: The viscosity of MPa MAX is thicker by design, resulting in the need for only one layer of adhesive per wall. MPa MAX reports one of the highest bond strengths to both dentin and enamel as well as zirconia.

Click here to view “Easier and Faster Aesthetic Bonding: The Keys to Success” Clinical Technique in Dentistry Today with Dr. Todd Snyder.

Click here to view the MPa MAX Product Sheet.

Click here to view the MPa MAX IFU/SDS.

Click here to view the clinical product application in the article Minimally Invasive, Maximum Performance: A Common Sense Approach to Veneer Repair by Ron Kaminer, DDS.

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