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  • Angelus® Bio-C® Sealer

    Bio-C® Sealer is a ready-to-use, bioceramic root canal sealer with biologically active ingredients to seal and heal the root canal space. Features & Benefits Bio-C Sealer’s mechanical and physical properties...
  • Angelus® Bio-C® Repair

    BIO-C® Repair is a ready-to-use bioceramic repair cement for endodontic treatment. The Bio-C Repair putty comes in a screw-in syringe that allows removal of the product in small portions with...
  • Angelus® MTA Angelus Reparative Cement

    MTA Angelus is the ideal product for direct pulp capping and pulp exposure repair, with a 10-15 minute setting time. Features & Benefits MTA Angelus exhibits excellent handling properties, incomparable...
  • Angelus® Dovgan MTA Carrier

    The Dovgan MTA Carrier is designed specifically for the delivery of MTA Reparative Cement. It features a NiTi plunger as well as a removable luer lock lumen that can be...
  • Angelus® MTA Delivery Instruments

    The Lee MTA Block and Carver are an excellent, clinically proven solution when the carrier and syringe-type devices used to deliver MTA prove to be too difficult to use because...
  • Angelus® MTA Repair HP Bioceramic Cement

    MTA Repair HP is an endodontic bioceramic restorative cement that features higher plasticity, which makes it easier to manipulate and easier to insert into the dental cavity than traditional MTA....
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