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Matrices, Wedges & Rings
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Designed for use with the V3 Ring, the Triodent® Wave-Wedge has unsurpassed sealing capability at the gingival margin. The wave-shaped wings compress on entry and flare again upon exit for easy placement and a true fit and seal.

Features & Benefits

Because the V3 Ring gives you all the separation you need, there is no need to drive a hard, rigid wedge. Wave-Wedges are softer and more flexible for easy placement and removal and to ensure a sealed band/margin interface. The anatomical design of the Wave-Wedge includes a hollow underside that perfectly accommodates the sensitive interproximal papillae. The flexible nature of the wedge also allows it to be placed without cutting or catching any gingival tissues.

  • Self-guiding for ease of placement
  • Design accommodates gingival tissue and is stackable
  • Strong, anatomical design
  • Fine wave-shaped wings compress on entry and flare again upon exit for easy placement and ultimate seal
  • Hollow underside allows another wedge to be placed from the opposite side of the embrasure
  • Designed with a hole on one side for easy handling with the Triodent Pin-Tweezers

Indications for Use

The Wave-Wedge is designed to be used with the complete V3 Sectional Matrix system to ensure predictable, tight interproximal contacts. Use the V3 Wave-Wedge in all Class II restorations.


Reality Star Ratings

2012 Reality 4 Star Award 2011 Reality 4 Star Award 2010 Reality 5 Star Award 2009 Reality 5 Star Award

Townie Choice Awards

2011 Dental Townie Choice Award 2010 Dental Townie Choice Award

Other Awards

2015 Dentistry Today Top 100
  1. To protect the mesial aspect of 26 during cavity prep, a WedgeGuard from Triodent was used.

    V3 Wave-Wedge Clinical 1
  2. Cavity prep complete. At this point the metal shield of the WedgeGuard was detached from the Wave-Wedge, leaving just the wedge behind.

    V3 Wave-Wedge Clinical 2
  3. A medium V3 Tab-Matrix band was inserted between the wedge and the tooth. Both wedge and matrix were then secured with a Narrow V3 Ring.

    V3 Wave-Wedge Clinical 3
  4. The last increment of composite is placed.

    V3 Wave-Wedge Clinical 4
  5. Finished restoration.

    V3 Wave-Wedge Clinical 5

The award-winning V3 Sectional Matrix System, for Posterior Composite Restorations, has the widest indications for use of any sectional matrix system.

Time after time, the V3 system produces tight contacts and a superb seal on the matrix, requiring minimal finishing.

  • Small: 100 x Wave-Wedges Small (White)
  • Medium: 100 x Wave-Wedges Medium (Pink)
  • Large: 100 x Wave-Wedges Large (Purple)

Q. What can I do if there is a gap at the bottom of the axial corner of the box with the Wave-Wedge in place?

A. The Wave-Wedge, because of its unique central concavity, has exceptional sealing capacity on the matrix at the gingival margin. However, if there is a gap, you can wedge from both sides, thanks to the hollow underside which allows you to stack the wedges.

Q. The point of the Wave-Wedge is quite sharp. Will it cut the gingival papillae?

A. The Wave-Wedge’s banana-shape design and tapered tip ensures the wedge is self-guiding, gliding through the embrasure without catching on the papillae. Moreover, because of the hollow underside, the papillae is accommodated and protected during the restoration. That is why the Wave-Wedge is ideally placed BEFORE cavity prep. Lubricating the tip of the wedge with a water-based lubricant or LA paste will also help it slide through without catching the rubber dam.

Q. Apart from the adaptive sealing qualities, what are the reasons for the central concavity in the Wave-Wedge?

A. The central concavity is actually the second feature in the Wave-Wedge’s remarkable bag of tricks. First, come the fine lateral wings at the point of the wedge. These compress easily as the wedge enters the embrasure, and then expand again as the wedge exits on the other side of the tooth. This is when the concavity comes into its own, effectively locking the wedge into place at its central point, and wrapping around the matrix at the gingival margin for a broad, adaptive and symmetric seal. It is also then in the best spot for positioning the V3 Ring.

Q. What is the hole for at the end of the Wave-Wedge?

A. While other wedges are easily dropped, Wave-Wedges and Triodent’s V-Wedges are secure in Triodent’s Pin-Tweezers which, as the name implies, have a pin at the end that goes into the hole. Because of the cross-over action of the Pin-Tweezers, the wedges will not fall out when the tweezers are held in a neutral position, and are very secure when the tweezers are gripped.

Q. Do Wave-Wedges separate the teeth?

A. Unlike the Wave-Wedge and Triodent’s V-Wedge, most wedges have a conflict of function, needing to be hard enough to separate the teeth but soft and adaptive enough to provide a seal at the gingival margin. Triodent gives the job of separating the teeth to the V3 Ring or V-Ring, leaving the Wave-Wedge free in the role of holding the matrix and sealing the gingival margin.

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