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The Triodent® V3 Tab-Matrix™ has excellent anatomical features including a pronounced ridge on the occlusal margin, producing completely natural-looking Class II composite restorations that require minimal finishing. The V3 Tab-Matrix band is shaped for commonly encountered cavities and produces excellent seals at the gingival margin. It's easy to handle, thanks to the tab and holes which fit Triodent's Pin-Tweezers, making placement and removal simple. Other features and benefits include:

  • Pronounced marginal ridge for accurate anatomy - saves effort and money
  • Advanced anatomical features
  • Vertical contour is easy on gingival margin
  • Gingival apron is properly shaped to commonly encountered cavity form, avoiding gaps in the gingival-axial corner
  • Super-thin (30µ), but strong
  • Tab allows for easy placement

Indications for Use

The V3 Tab-Matrix is designed to be used with the complete V3 Sectional Matrix system to ensure predictable, tight interproximal contacts in all Class II restorations.

2015 Dentistry Today Top 100

Palodent Plus Matrix System

  1. To protect the mesial aspect of the adjacent tooth during cavity prep, a WedgeGuard from Triodent was used.

    V3 Tab-Matrix Clinical WedgeGuard
  2. Cavity prep complete. At this point the metal shield of the WedgeGuard was detached from the Wave-Wedge, leaving just the wedge behind.

    V3 Tab-Matrix Clinical Wave-Wedge
  3. A medium V3 Tab-Matrix band was inserted between the wedge and the tooth. Both wedge and matrix were then secured with a Narrow V3 Ring.

    V3 Tab-Matrix Clinical Matrix Band
  4. The last increment of composite is placed.

    V3 Tab-Matrix Clinical Composite Placement
  5. Finished restoration.

    V3 Tab-Matrix Clinical Final Restoration

Natural Anatomy

The V3 Tab-Matrix has a pronounced marginal ridge for natural anatomy and pronounced curvature on the horizontal plane, which means more curvature remains as the matrix wraps around tooth.

Easy to Grip

True to its name, the Tab-Matrix features a tab with a hole perfectly suited for the Triodent Pin-Tweezers. In addition, the Tab-Matrix features holes on both the lingual and buccal sides to make removal from the side easy.

Patient Friendly

With its advanced anatomical features like the marginal ridge, vertical contour, and shaped gingival apron, the Tab-Matrix is easy on the gingival margin, making it kinder to tissues and ultimately to the patient.

The award-winning V3 Sectional Matrix System, for Posterior Composite Restorations, has the widest indications for use of any sectional matrix system.

Triodent's award-winning V3 Sectional Matrix System has the widest indications for use of any sectional matrix system. The system includes components that are all industry leaders, achieving perfect contacts and the best tooth anatomy.

V3 Tab-Matrix 3.5mm (Yellow) 50-Pack (Item Number: 303388) or 100-Pack (303387)

V3 Tab-Matrix 4.5mm (Gray) 50-Pack (303372) or 100-Pack (303375)

V3 Tab-Matrix 5.5mm (Pink) 50-Pack (303373) or 100-Pack (303376)

V3 Tab-Matrix 6.5mm (Purple) 50-Pack (303374) or 100-Pack (303377)

V3 Tab-Matrix 7.5mm (Green) 50-Pack (303398) or 100-Pack (303397)

Q. How do I use the tab on the V3 Tab-Matrix?

A. Holding the matrix by the tab in Triodent Pin-Tweezers, simply bend the tab towards you (mesially) to create a “contra-angle” handle. Then move the V3 Tab-Matrix apically into the embrasure. Try to avoid trapping gingival tissue between the matrix and the gingival margin of the cavity.

Q. How do I prevent the little tab from blocking my view of the cavity?

A. While burnishing the V3 Tab-Matrix, bend the tab over and fold it out of the way.

Q. How do I remove the V3 Tab-Matrix if it appears to be stuck?

A. Firstly, peel the matrix away from the composite as far as possible on both sides using a suitable instrument. Gently rocking the matrix back and forth should then make it easy to remove. Use Triodent Pin-Tweezers to grab the hole on the wings of the V3 Tab-Matrix and wiggle the matrix out. Grabbing the tab may rip it off but the lateral holes work better. You can also try flossing (waxed floss) between the matrix and the restoration. Take care not to lacerate the gingival papillae by excessively rocking the matrix.

Q. How do I keep the V3 Tab-Matrix in place while inserting a Wave-Wedge?

A. If you prefer to place the V3 Tab-Matrix before the Wave-Wedge, use a finger to trap the matrix tab against the neighbouring tooth while inserting the wedge. This will prevent the matrix from sliding out of the embrasure.

Q. Can I place the V3 Tab-Matrix after placing the wedge?

A. Yes. In fact, this is usually the best way to do it. Place the Wave-Wedge first, BEFORE cavity prep. This pre-wedging prevents bleeding, separates the teeth slightly and positions the wedge more apically, thereby allowing the contact point to be lower. The wedge will also depress the interproximal gingivae and rubber dam and protect both from the high-speed bur. Most of the time you will then be able to slide the V3 Tab-Matrix into place without removing the wedge.

Q. How can I be sure that the composite has completely cured inside the V3 Tab-Matrix?

A. To ensure complete curing of the composite, fold the wings of the V3 Tab-Matrix back (after removing the ring and wedges) and cure from the buccal and lingual sides.

Q. How do I get the greatest benefit out of the rolled marginal ridge on the V3 Tab-Matrix?

A. Positioned correctly, the rolled marginal ridge on the V3 Tab-Matrix will save you a lot of time in finishing because it closely replicates the natural anatomy of the tooth. To maximize the benefits of the ridge, take care to position the band exactly. If it won’t go into the ideal position, slide the edge out while trapping the tab of the matrix against the neighbouring tooth, then push the wedge back in. This method also eliminates the possibility of a gingival tag protruding into the cavity box.

Q. How can I stop hooking the tab of the V3 Tab-Matrix when I go to release the Pin-Tweezers?

A. Triodent Pin-Tweezers have a gold tip on one side, which indicates the side with the pin. Insert the matrix with the gold tip facing away from the occlusal surface. Then when you release the tweezers, the pin will be well away from the tab.

Q. When doing a MOD, the matrix band side extrusions are too long and get in the way of the opposing matrix band.

A. The easy way around this is to place the yellow V3 Ring on the tooth, trapping the matrix band in place, then bend the protruding ends of the matrix backwards to make room for the opposite matrix band.

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