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Clinical Research Dental is the exclusive distributor partner for the following brands in Canada.

Clinician's Choice Logo

Designed for better dentistry, CLINICIAN’S CHOICE is committed to promoting and teaching better dentistry. Clinician's Choice makes it their mission to understand dental procedures, techniques and the many challenges that clinician’s face each and every day. Armed with this knowledge, Clinician's Choice develops innovative, clinically proven products – designed not only to meet the highest standards in quality, but also to deliver consistently superior results. Clinician's Choice award-winning products include Evanesce Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative CompositeQuad-Trays, Affinity Hydroactive Impression Material, Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material and Cling2 Resin Optimized Temporary Cement. Visit the Clinician's Choice website: Shop Clinician's Choice Collection here.

Ultradent Products Logo

ULTRADENT is an international manufacturer and leading developer of high-tech dental materials, devices and instruments, operating in South Jordan, Utah since 1979. Currently Ultradent researches, designs, manufactures and distributes more than 500 products used by dentists around the world. This includes the industry-leading Opalescence Tooth Whitening System and ground-breaking Opalescence Go take-home whitening system, as well as the award-winning VALO LED curing light, UltraSeal XT hydro pit and fissure sealant, Enamelast Fluoride Varnish, Tissue Management solutions, and Ultra-Etch etchant. Ultradent strives continuously to “Improve Oral Health Globally”. Visit Ultradent's website: Shop Ultradent Collection here.

Cosmedent Logo

COSMEDENT is a leader in dental esthetics, offering high quality restorative products designed by dentists to solve some of dentistry’s most challenging problems. Over the past 30 years many Cosmedent products have received the highest awards for their esthetic excellence. Cosmedent’s popular Renamel Restorative System combines microfills, nanofills, microhybrids, opaquers and flowables, all colour matched to each other and the Classic VITA® Shade Guide, making shade selection easy and predictable. Cosmedent is dedicated to helping dental professionals succeed in the ever-changing world of dental esthetics. Other popular products include: CosmeCore Core Buildup Material, De-Mark Flowable Cavity Liner, All-Ceramic Polishing Systems, and the FlexiDisc Finishing & Polishing Disks

Visit Cosmedent's website: Shop Cosmedent Collection here.

Bioclear Logo

BIOCLEAR was founded in 2007 by dentist and inventor Dr. David Clark with the vision of creating a new system of products for a modern approach to restorative dentistry. Bioclear™ Matrix offers the latest, most progressive products and techniques evolving from the traditional preparations and matrixing systems for anterior and posterior composites.The Bioclear Method for composites is a shift in dentistry offering more affordable options with superior results. Bioclear’s mission is to provide dentists with the tools and equipment to allow for longer lasting, stronger, and aesthetically superior composites. Popular products include Bioclear Complete Anterior Matrix System, Bioclear Evolve Sectional Matrix KitsBlack Triangle Kit, Bioclear Complete Biofit HD Posterior Matix, Twin Ring Matrix Rings and the Diamond Wedges

Visit Bioclear's website:  Learn more about the science behind the Bioclear Method & request a demo here. Shop Bioclear Collection here.

Angelus Logo

ANGELUS is a dental manufacturer, located in Brazil and specializing in the areas of Restorative Dentistry, Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry and Laboratory. Concentrating its core competence in research and development with a distinguished team of doctors and scientists, Angelus has generated a great number of patented innovative products including MTA Root Canal Repairing products, and Bio-C bioceramic root canal sealer, reparative material and temporary intracanal medication. Angelus believes that innovation is the driving force that brings growth and benefits not only to itself but also to the dentistry field and the communities around the world. Shop Angelus Collection here.

ContacEZ Logo

CONTACEZ products are designed to achieve ideal proximal contacts and complete marginal seating with accurate occlusion, perform safe and stress-free interproximal reduction, remove dangerous subgingival overhangs, and more. ContacEZ is the first and only company focused on developing techniques and solutions for the interproximal space. Since its successful debut in October 2006, ContacEZ has been steadily expanding its product line with a mission to improve dental health care by providing dentists with devices to enhance patient comfort and safety. Shop ContacEz Collection here.

Triodent Logo

TRIODENT is the designer and manufacturer of multi-award winning, smart and innovative precision products that have set new standards for clinical performance and outcomes on composite fillings. Triodent’s dental innovations include the award-winning V3 Sectional Matrix System for posterior composite restorations, Wave-Wedge, WedgeGuard, the Trio-tray family of impression trays, the SuperCurve Non-Stick Matrix and more. Shop Triodent Collection here.

Ribbond Logo

RIBBOND is the dental fibre reinforcement specialist. Developed in 1991 by a general dentist, Dr. David Rudo, Ribbond reinforcement fibres and techniques have become a dental standard and an Indispensable part of dental offices worldwide. Shop Ribbond Collection here.

Komet Logo

KOMET Dental was founded in 1923 and soon became one of the  largest and most respected providers in the dental sector. Today, Komet Dental offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of rotary dental instruments and systems in the world, including traditional round burs to crown cutters, from composite removers to polishers, from preparation to endodontics. With very few exceptions, Komet Dental  manufactures each of its products at the company’s production site in Lemgo, the home of the family-run company employing more than 1,000 staff. This is where dental quality – made in Germany, yet appreciated all over the world – is created. 

Visit Komet USA's website: or Request a Komet demo here. Shop Komet Collection here.

SS White Logo

SS White®’s advancements are helping to create the masterpieces that are improving patient satisfaction and your bottom line. Few companies can trace a corporate history with a bedrock of innovation that spans back to 1844. Today, SS White Dental is a family owned and operated U.S. based business with more than 250 employees and worldwide distribution. Its corporate roots are found in the history of Samuel Stockton White, who began his career as an apprenticing dentist and ventured into his own business in 1844, manufacturing porcelain teeth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company proudly bears the name of its founder and continually maintains its original objective: better products for better dentistry.

SS White Endodontics features Carbide burs and Diamonds, as well as File Systems representing the next generation of the minimally invasive RCT. SS White Endodontics delivers a holistic strategy that focuses on conserving as much of the tooth as possible through minimally invasive dentistry.
Visit SS White Dental USA's website: or Request a demo here. Shop SS White Endodontic Collection here.

TePe logo

TePe® is a family-owned global company founded in 1965 in Malmö, Sweden by introducing wood carver Henning Eklund’s creation with the scientific support of two professors at the School of Dentistry in Sweden: the triangular dental stick, a significant contribution to dental care at the time. Their efforts within life science and health awareness are one of their keys to success and one of the reasons why so many dentists have been partners with TePe for decades and recommend TePe’s products to their patients. TePe’s focus is on prevention and providing better oral health to their customers with their Interdental Brushes, EasyPicks®, Specialty toothbrushes and Regular toothbrushes. TePe cares about the environment and manages to decrease the carbon footprint in manufacturing, without sacrificing product quality. Learn more about them at or on their Instagram @tepe_global. Explore their collection

Clinical Research Dental also represents the following brands as a distributor partner in Canada:

3M Oral Care Logo

From prevention of oral care issues to full tooth restorations, 3M develops dental and orthodontic solutions to help dental professionals simplify their procedures and give them confidence in their work. With a history of leadership in the dental and orthodontic industries and a scientific approach to product development, 3M creates the high-quality, advanced products dental professionals need to keep their patients smiling. Popular products include 3M™ Filtek™ restorative composites, 3M™ ESPE™ Scotchbond™ adhesives, 3M™ ESPE™ RelyX™ cements,  3M™ ESPE™ Ketac™ glass ionomers, and the 3M™ Comply™ line of infection control solutions. Shop 3M Collection here.

Garrison Logo

GARRISON has a long history of innovation in the sectional matrix market, providing unique restorative solutions to dentists since 1996. Garrison’s flagship products, the patented Composi-Tight® Sectional Matrix System, have solved the long-standing problem of achieving quality, consistently tight anatomical contacts on Class II and MOD direct posterior composite restorations. Shop Garrison Collection here.

AdDent Logo

ADDENT - "Advancing Dentistry" manufactures innovative, award-winning dental products which are made in the U.S.A. and FDA cleared. AdDent products include Rite-Lite that provides L.E.D. shade matching light; Microlux, a transilluminator that is used in conjunction with traditional visual and tactile examination. The company also provides Calset, a composite warmer. Shop AdDent Collection here.

Kuraray Logo

KURARAY entered the field of dental materials in 1973 with a mission to respond precisely and thoroughly to the needs of the dental profession with reliable products of superior quality. Kuraray brands are trusted by dental professionals around the globe, they include Clearfil the world’s first dentin bonding agent, and Panavia cements. Shop Kuraray Collection here.

Bien Air Logo

Right from its inception in 1959, BIEN-AIR DENTAL has continuously set the bar high, affirming its expertise in micromechanics. In the 1970s, the  company took a decisive step and launched its first electric motor and in 2001, drew a distinction between its dentistry and microsurgery activities. Bien-Air  has continuously revolutionized the medical world by producing innovative, easy to use rotary instruments; including their line of electric handpieces: Bien-Air CA 8:1 Endodontic Electric Handpiece, Bien-Air  Straight 1:1 Nosecone Electric Handpiece, Bien-Air  EVO.15 1:5 L Highspeed Electric Handpiece, and their Bien-Air  EVO.15 1:1 L Slowspeed Electric Handpiece. Shop Bien-Air Collection here.

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