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Ultra-Etch™ etchant is a 35% phosphoric acid solution. It features ideal viscosity, which, along with the use of the Blue Micro or Inspiral Brush tip, facilitates precision placement and superior control. Ultra-Etch etchant is self-limiting in its depth of etch (average depth of 1.9μm with 15-second etch),1 creating an etch pattern that adhesives can penetrate for increased bond strength and reduced sensitivity. Studies demonstrate that Ultra-Etch etchant's unique self-limiting chemistry creates an optimal surface to receive resin.2 Though Ultra-Etch etchant is viscous, it can penetrate into the smallest fissures or occlusal surfaces due to physical and chemical properties that promote capillary action. Its ideal viscosity maintains a layer thick enough to prevent premature drying.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Self-limiting
  • Penetrates smallest fissures but won’t migrate on a vertical surface
  • Increases bond strength and reduces sensitivity
  • Places precisely and rinses clearly
  • Rinses cleanly—leaves no residue

Certified Gluten Free

Indications for Use

Ultra-Etch etchant can be placed in any location, including lingual approaches to Class III restorations. It works nicely for etching before bonding composites, sealants, or adhesives.

2021 Reality Five Star Award 2020 Reality Five Star Award 2019 Reality Five Star Award

1Perdigão J, Lambrechts P, Van Meerbeek B, Vanherle G. A FE-SEM study of the ultra-morphology of etched dentin [IADR abstract 2982]. J Dent Res. 1996;75(suppl):390.

2Perdigão J, Lambrechts P, Van Meerbeek B, Vanherle G. A field emission SEM study of dentin etched with different phosphoric acid compositions and/or concentrations. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven: Leuven, Belgium; 1994.

Ideal for Etching Dentin and Enamel

Clinical experience and FE-SEM evaluations2 show that 20 seconds etch time on both dentin and enamel provides optimal conditioning of both tissues. Air/water rinse. Blot excess water off, leaving surface visibly wet.


Self-Limiting Chemistry Creates Optimal Surface

With an average depth of 1.9μm with a 15-second etch, Ultra-Etch etchant stops etching at the ideal depth.

micro etcher

Optimal Viscosity

Ultra-Etch etchant is uniquely formulated with a viscosity that is thin enough to penetrate the smallest fissures but thick enough to prevent it from running on vertical surfaces, so it’s perfect for any restoration in any part of the mouth.


Ultra-Etch etchant is proven to be uniquely self-limiting in its depth of etch, with an average depth of 1.9μm using a 15-second etch. In a study comparing etchants, liquid phosphoric acid (37%) showed an average of 5.0μm at 20 seconds, and a competing “polymer-thickened” etchant a 4.8μm depth.2 Acids with this greater depth of etch go beyond the optimum level and increase the potential for incomplete resin impregnation.

Easy Placement and Removal

The signature blue color of Ultra-Etch etchant is easy to see, so it helps in precise placement and complete removal.

The Industry Leader for Over 20 Years

Ultra-Etch etchant has been called a “Can’t Live Without” product,3 it’s been called “Tried & True,”4 and it’s been a 5-star award winner5 for years on end. Simply put, Ultra-Etch etchant is the best.

2Perdigão J, Lambrechts P, Van Meerbeek B, Vanherle G. A field emission SEM study of dentin etched with different phosphoric acid compositions and/or concentrations. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven: Leuven, Belgium; 1994.

<3“Can’t Live Without” Clinical Research Associates Newsletter, Volume 21, Issue 7, July 1997.

4Syrop J. Tried & True Products: Ultra-Etch. Dental Product Shopper. 2008;2(6):76-77.

Ultra-Etch etchant's ideal viscosity, along with the use of the Blue Micro™ or Inspiral Brush tip, facilitates precise placement and superior control.

“Ultra-Etch has the perfect consistency. It goes on the tooth nice and smoothly, not too runny or too thick. I’ve tried all the other brands, but I keep coming back to my good old Ultra-Etch. Fun blue color to boot. Ultra-Etch makes etching satisfying!”

Dr. Jeany Lee – Seattle, WA

“Ultra-Etch is the only one on the market that flows smoothly and stays where you place it. The etch never dries out and the delivery tips are superb for allowing the practitioner to precisely place the product. Whenever I have the unfortunate opportunity to use another company’s acid-etch product, I cannot wait to use Ultradent’s acid etch again. It makes me appreciate the product even more!”

Dr. Robert Cox – Richmond, VA

“Year after year, Ultra-Etch provides ease of application, instant rinseability, and consistent etch pattern. It is, quite simply, the best!”

Dr. Robert J. Marolt – White Bear Lake, MN

“Ultra-Etch has the best consistency and viscosity I’ve found. I’ve used it every day in my practice for over 19 years. Etches that come in kits or as samples are never opened…and some are hard to give away!”

Dr. C. Bradford Thomas – Galveston, TX

“Although Ultra-Etch is a common, everyday product, I can rave about it since I use it every day, all day long. I like the color and consistency of the gel, and I am always sure of its quality. I have been using it for many, many years, and I can’t live without it.”

Dr. Gerald Bloom – Holliston, MA

“I am a self-proclaimed ‘bondodontist.’ I use Ultra-Etch almost every time I sit down to work. It is perfect—especially the viscosity. It goes where you want it to go and stays there until I rinse it off. Other reps are always bringing me something to try, and it either doesn’t flow, flows too much, or doesn’t come in a syringe. Enough said.”

Dr. David D. May – Hemet, CA

Ultra-Etch Intro Kit (Item Number: 773163):

Ultra-Etch Econo Kit (773167):

Ultra-Etch IndiSpense Kit (773383):

  • 1 x 30 mL Ultra-Etch IndiSpense Syringe
  • 20 x 1.2 mL Empty Syringes
  • 20 x Blue Micro Tips

Ultra-Etch Syringe 4-Pack (773164): 4 x 1.2 mL Ultra-Etch Syringes

Ultra-Etch Syringe 20-Pack (773168): 20 x 1.2 mL Ultra-Etch Syringes

Ultra-Etch Syringe 50-Pack (773169): 50 x 1.2 mL Ultra-Etch Syringes

Ultra-Etch IndiSpense Syringe (773685): 30 mL Ultra-Etch IndiSpense Syringe

Q: I prefer to use the self-etch technique when bonding. Can I use Ultra-Etch etchant for self-etch bonding procedures?

A: No. Ultra-Etch etchant is intended to be used only with the total-etch technique. For the self-etch technique, we recommend using Peak SE Primer, which is followed by the use of Peak Universal Bond adhesive.

Q: What is the chemical makeup of Ultra-Etch etchant?

A: 35% phosphoric acid.

Q: Can Ultra-Etch etchant penetrate occlusal grooves?

A: Yes. The optimal viscosity of Ultra-Etch etchant allows it to work its way into even the smallest fissures on the occlusal surface of the teeth.

Q: Does Ultra-Etch etchant contain glycerin?

A: No.

Q: Can Ultra-Etch etchant be used on both dentin and enamel?

A: Yes.

Q: How long should I leave Ultra-Etch etchant on the tooth?

A: On both dentin and enamel, leave Ultra-Etch etchant on the tooth for 20 seconds to achieve optimal etch patterns.

View the clinical product application in the article Simplifying the Class II Composite with Bulk Fill: Efficiency without compromise by Marcos Vargas, BDB, DDS, MS and Kayla E. Erps, Senior Dental Student at the University of Iowa.

View the Ultra-Etch Etchant Product Sheet.

View the Ultra-Etch 35% Phosphoric Acid Etchant IFU.

View the Ultra-Etch & Opal Etch SDS (English).

View the article Simple, Beautiful and Predictable Class V Restorations featuring Marc Geissberger DDS, MA.

Recommended Tips: Blue Micro Tips or Inspiral Brush Tips

Recommended Syringes: Ultra-Etch Empty Syringes

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