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Clinician's Choice® Template® Ultra Quick Matrix Material

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Template® is an ultra-quick, ultra-accurate silicone matrix material specially designed for provisional matrix fabrication. Template flows into embrasure areas and into the finest morphology to capture superior detail.

Designed specifically for provisional matrix fabrication, Template is the faster, more accurate, and more stable solution for your next temporary matrix. Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material flows beautifully like a medium body impression material, captures exquisite detail and sets in just 30 seconds. Once cured, Template is rigid, it snaps back into the mouth and won’t buckle in the embrasure areas like alginate. The result is minimal flash and maximum provisional accuracy.

Put away the alginate, putty, bite registration material or vacuum form material, and use Template to create the most accurate matrix you’ve ever seen - in less than one minute.

Template is also the ideal material for the Lingual Matrix Technique for Class III and IV restorations. When you use Template and the Lingual Matrix Technique, you can pre-shape and refine the lingual surface while you’re restoring the tooth, leaving only the polishing step to complete the restoration.

Indications for Use

Use Template impression material to take an initial impression for fabricating temporary restorations.

Reality Four Star Award Try-It Guarantee

Provisional Crown Technique

Dentistry courtesy of Dr. Brad Carson. Photography courtesy of Dr. Gildo Santos.

  1. Crown to be temporized.

    Template Provisional Crown Technique 1
  2. Template has ideal flow without slumping.

    Template Provisional Crown Technique 2
  3. Inspire Esthetic Provisional Composite is extruded into the Template matrix. Template captures sharp marginal and occlusal detail and becomes rigid.

    Template Provisional Crown Technique 3
  4. Inexpensive TempTrays are ideal for the Template matrix technique.

    Template Provisional Crown Technique 4
  5. Template's accuracy results in minimal flash and finishing time.

    Template Provisional Crown Technique 5
  6. Inspire is strong, dense and easy to finish (pre-polish shown here).

    Template Provisional Crown Technique 6
  7. In seconds, Inspire can be polished to an ultra-esthetic finish.

    Template Provisional Crown Technique 7

Lingual Matrix Technique

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Gildo Santos.

  1. Initial case showing tooth #9 fractured.

    Template Lingual Matrix Clinical 1
  2. After a mock-up restoration, the lingual and incisal surfaces were captured by a thick layer of Template.

    Template Lingual Matrix Clinical 2
  3. After tooth preparation, etching, and bonding agent applied and light-cured, a nano-filled composite was packed against Template matrix to form the lingual shelf.

    Template Lingual Matrix Clinical 3
  4. Dentin layer of a nano-filled composite was used to replicate the "dentin" portion of the restoration.

    Template Lingual Matrix Clinical 4
  5. Final layer of microfill composite (enamel shade) was placed to complete the restoration, cured, then polished.

    Template Lingual Matrix Clinical 5

Introducing new Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material 120 mL cartridges for use with Clinician's Choice PowerMix Automatic Impression Material Dispenser.

Comparing Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material to putty and alginate.

Template is a fast-setting matrix material from Clinician's Choice that will allow you to efficiently create a custom matrix.

Dr Kaminer on Inspire, Template, ASAP and Cling2

Lingual Matrix technique using Template, Evanesce™ Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative Composite, and Clinician's Choice® Dr. Ronald Jordan Composite Instruments.

Dr. Robert Lowe Template Testimonial on the use of Template for provisional stents and provisional restorations. Dr. Parag Kachalia Template Testimonial highlights precision, predictability, and time savings when doing provisional matrices. Dr. Elliot Mechanic Template Testimonial on fabricating posterior temporary crowns

4-Pack (Item Number: 028904):

  • 4 x 50 mL cartridges
  • Mixing tips

12-Pack (018912):
  • 12 x 50 mL cartridges

36-Pack (018936):
  • 36 x 50 mL cartridges

120 mL Powermix Cartridge (021812):

  • 2 x 120 mL cartridges

Q: What is Template used for?

A: To fabricate the temporary matrix and/or to form a lingual matrix for the composite layering technique.

Q: What makes a Template matrix better than one made from putty or bite registration material?

A: Template has better flowability which means that it can capture highly defined hard tissue detail, resulting in greater accuracy than putty or bite registration (and greater accuracy means less adjusting and finishing time required). Furthermore, Template’s working time and set time is much faster than putty and sets quite hard, but not brittle like bite registration can be.

Q: Can Template be used for anything other than provisional impressions?

A: Yes, Template is an excellent material for the lingual matrix technique. When you use Template for the lingual matrix technique, you can pre-shape and refine the lingual surface while you’re restoring the tooth, leaving only the polishing step to complete the restoration.

Q: Is Template reusable?

A: Yes, Template can be stored for use in the case of a fractured temporary.

Q: Can a Template matrix be trimmed?

A: Yes, Template is easily trimmed using a sharp scalpel.

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Recommended Tips: 6.5 "T-Mixer" Mixing Tip

Recommended Trays: TempTray

Recommended Dispensing Gun: Dual-Port Impression Gun

Recommended Provisional Composite: Inspire Esthetic Provisional Composite

Recommended Temporary Cement: Cling2 Temporary Cement