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  • Clinician’s Choice® Predator® Zirconia Diamond Burs

    Predator® Zirconia diamond burs are manufactured using a robust bonding technology process that provides maximum cutting efficiency and effortless access for endodontic treatment and zirconia crown removal. Predator Zirconia offers...
  • Clinician’s Choice® Edge™ Endo Access Burs

    Edge™ Endo Burs have been designed to prevent perforations during endodontic access procedures, and to express debris more effectively than other endo burs on the market. EDGE Endo Burs feature...
  • Stropko™ Irrigator

    The Stropko Irrigator is an instrument used for precise control of air and/or water in any dental procedure that requires irrigation or drying during the process. The Stropko Irrigator fits...
  • B&L Biotech BL Tips

    BL Endodontic Ultrasonic Tip are specifically designed for conventional or micro-endodontic treatment: locating concealed orifices, removing the secondary and calcified dentin inside the cavity or pulp stones, and other re-treatment...
  • SS White® Clark Khademi Endodontic Diamond Kit

    Clark Khademi Diamond Endodontic Kit is specifically designed for minimally invasive access and preparation of the pulp chamber prior to instrumentation of the canal. Clark Khademi Diamond Endodontic Kit assists...
  • Acteon EndoSuccess

    EndoSuccess Ultrasonic Tips are the perfect solution, for the problems most commonly encountered during non-surgical endodontic retreatments. Crafted from titanium-niobium, the exclusive alloy for performing minimally-invasive, safe, non-surgical endodontic re-treatment...
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