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  • B&L Biotech BL Tips

    BL Endodontic Ultrasonic Tip are specifically designed for conventional or micro-endodontic treatment: locating concealed orifices, removing the secondary and calcified dentin inside the cavity or pulp stones, and other re-treatment...
  • B&L Biotech JETips JT-2 Series

    B&L Biotech JETips JT-2 Series are Microsurgical Ultrasonic Tips with Micro-projection. Features and benefits include: Bendable Apical Surgery Tips JETip is an apical surgery tip that allows clinicians to bend...
  • Acteon IrriSafe™ Files

    IrriSafe™ is a file with non-cutting threads and a blunt working-end designed to safely remove smear layer, dental debris and bacteria in the root canal. The blunt-end prevents any perforation...
  • Acteon EndoSuccess™

    Acteon EndoSuccess™ Ultrasonic Tips tips generate perfectly linear movement, are made from high quality exclusive alloys for a variety of endodontic applications. Most tips have built in water ports when...
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