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Clinician's Choice® Inspire™ Esthetic Provisional Composite

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Provisional fabrication with Inspire™ is easy, efficient and predictable. Inspire offers superior handling for creating strong and esthetic provisionals that ensure continued tooth and tissue health, along with proper function and position.

Inspire Esthetic Provisional Composite is a bisacryl temporary composite containing unique esthetic fillers that provide optimal strength and outstanding esthetics. Now you can achieve a composite like finish in seconds.

With an ideal Elastic Modulus (3136 MPa), Inspire is very strong and is less likely to fracture along margins, even when tooth reduction is less than ideal. The high flexural and compressive strength render it easy to trim and resistant to fracture. You can be confident that Inspire provisionals will not succumb to sudden and extreme forces of occlusion.

Inspire is stackable and stays where you place it, preventing over-filling of the matrix which commonly results in excess flash/finishing, and a waste of valuable chairtime. The efficient 40 second working time is sufficient for single or multiple unit cases. Mouth removal time of 1:30-2:30 minutes and a total cure time of 4:30 minutes ensures procedural efficiency.

Inspire’s four available shades (A1, A2, A3.5 and B1) provide ideal translucency and fluorescence to match natural tooth structure in all light conditions. Plus you will love how Inspire shines and with minimal or no effort.

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Provisional Crown Technique

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Gildo Santos and Dr. Brad Carson

  1. Load the posterior TempTray with Template Matrix Material and place intraorally.

    Template Loaded Into TempTray
  2. Once seated, Template's intraoral set time is approximately 30-45 seconds.

    TempTray Seated Intraorally
  3. Express a small amount of Inspire Esthetic Provisional Composite through the syringe tip onto a mixing pad. Load Inspire into the Template matrix, keeping the tip submersed. Inspire has a 40-second working time.

    Express Inspire Provisional Composite Into Template
  4. Reseat the matrix with Inspire in the mouth immediately. Remove the matrix from the mouth as soon as Inspire is firm but not completely set. The provisional crown will often remain in the Template matrix.

    Inspire Provisional Composite Set In Template
  5. Express Cling2 Temporary Cement directly into the provisional crown. Seat the provisional crown within the 30-second working time. After a 60 to 90 second setting time, remove excess Cling2 from the preparation margins.

    Inspire Provisional Composite Seated With Cling2
  6. The result is a strong, durable, esthetic Inspire provisional crown.

    Final Inspire Provisional Crown

The Inspire Complete Provisional System includes clinically proven products for each step of the provisional technique – products that were designed to solve very specific clinical problems.

A1 Shade (Item Number: 152701): 1 x 71 g cartridge, 12 x mixing tips, IFU/SDS

A2 Shade (152702): 1 x 71 g cartridge, 12 x mixing tips, IFU/SDS

A3.5 Shade (152703): 1 x 71 g cartridge, 12 x mixing tips, IFU/SDS

B1 Shade (152704): 1 x 71 g cartridge, 12 x mixing tips, IFU/SDS

Q: Do provisionals created using Inspire require polishing?

A: Inspire does not need to be polished, especially for posterior applications; however, polishing does have the advantage of adding a higher esthetic value for anterior teeth, as well as lessening plaque accumulation over the temporization period.

Q: What can I use to polish Inspire provisionals?

A: A.S.A.P. Polishers are ideal for polishing Inspire provisionals, or alternatively, apply a thin layer of light-cured Glisten Provisional Resin Glaze.

Q: How much Inspire material should I dispense into the impression/matrix?

A: Fill the appropriate tooth/teeth of the temporary matrix up to the gingival line to ensure adequate coverage of the preparation (and pontic if necessary). Any excess is easily removed, especially if Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material is being used.

Q: What type of gun should I use to dispense Inspire?

A: Inspire is used in a standard 10:1 gun.

Q: Is Inspire stackable?

No, Inspire is NOT stackable.

Q: How can I prevent air bubbles in my temps?

A: To ensure your provisionals are bubble-free, keep the mixing tip immersed in the Inspire as it is loaded into the temporary matrix.

Recommended Matrix Material: Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material

Recommended Provisional Trays: TempTray

Recommended Temporary Cement: Cling2 Temporary Cement

Recommended Tips: Clinician's Choice Mixing Tips (also compatible with Clinician's Choice® Temptation® Now Fast Set Temporary Crown & Bridge Composite 76GM cartridges).