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Matrices, Wedges & Rings
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The Triodent® SuperCurve Matrix is among the simplest and most accurate matrix solutions on the market. The SuperCurve has greater matrix curvature and makes it easier than ever to create lifelike anatomy for Class II restorations. These offer more shape than the V3 Tab-Matrix for creating perfect contours and achieving even better restorations with minimal finishing. SuperCurve matrices are colour-coded for easy size identification. Plus, the non-stick finish makes matrix removal easier and faster. Other features and benefits include:

  • Predictable, tight contacts
  • Stunning anatomical accuracy
  • Easy placement: matrix hugs the tooth - this also avoids any interference with ring placement
  • Easier to remove after curing because of micro-thin non-stick finish
  • No gaps in the gingival axial corner due to gingival apron shaped to the commonly encountered cavity form
  • Beautiful marginal ridges with minimal finishing due to rolled ridge on the occlusal margin

Indications for Use

Use the Triodent V3 SuperCurve Matrix System for accurate Class II restorations with less finishing time.

2015 Dentistry Today Top 100

Palodent Plus Matrix

"I’ve been using a sectional matrix for 14 years – that’s about 10,000 fillings. Why fix something that ain’t broke? Why mess with happy, right? Well, let me tell you something. Apparently something was broke and I didn’t know I wasn’t happy until my life got better. What happened? I tried the SuperCurve matrices from Triodent, and I love ‘em. Goodbye sectional matrix, hello SuperCurve. My margins are better, my fillings are better. Now nothing is broken and I’m very happy."

John Gammichia, DMD

Variety (Intro) Kit 85-pack (Item Number: 303402):

  • 10 x SuperCurve Matrices 3.5 mm (Gray)
  • 25 x SuperCurve Matrices 4.5 mm (Green)
  • 25 x SuperCurve Matrices 5.5 mm (Blue)
  • 25 x SuperCurve Matrices 6.5 mm (Purple)

SuperCurve Matrix 50-pack refills:

  • 3.5mm Gray (303417)
  • 4.5mm Green (303418)
  • 5.5mm Blue (303419)
  • 6.5mm Purple (303420)
  • 7.5mm Gray (303407)

SuperCurve Matrix 90-pack refills:

  • 3.5mm Gray (303403)
  • 4.5mm Green (303404)
  • 5.5mm Blue (303405)
  • 6.5mm Purple (303406)

Q. Why does there sometimes appear to be fewer matrices in the pack then what is specified?

A. Every SuperCurve matrix is made precisely and exactly. For that reason, they are a perfect fit for each other and can nestle together, and it is possible you will take two without realizing it. To help prevent this, shake or tap the box before selecting a matrix.

Q. Sometimes when I place the V3 Ring on the SuperCurve matrix, the ring and matrix slip up the tooth. How can I prevent that?

A. This is most likely to occur on the buccal of lower molars and lingual of upper molars. If it happens, try placing the ring mesially instead of distally. Otherwise, wedge from both sides with Wave-Wedges or use the hard V-Wedge to secure the matrix. It’s a good idea to push down on the ring immediately after placement while it is still in the forceps to make sure the ring is fully seated on the undercuts, and keep your finger firmly against the matrix tab until you have released the forceps to ensure there is no slippage.

Complete System: Triodent V3 SuperCurve Matrix Kit

Recommended Wedges: Triodent Wave-Wedge or V-Wedge

Recommended Placement Tweezers: Triodent Pin-Tweezers

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