CRD Item Number: 302061
Manufacturer Item Number: 402061
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Triodent® Forceps are tailor-made to fit the Triodent V3 Ring. No other forceps can ensure maximum stability of the V3 Ring like the Triodent Forceps which grip the ring firmly at all times. The locking function and angled grip arms of the Triodent Forceps ensure maximum stability of the V3 Ring during placement both mesially and distally. The built-in grooves simplify resetting of the rings. Other features and benefits include:

  • Shaped tines for stability
  • Locking slider for secure use
  • Notches for retensioning
  • Slim but strong

Indications for Use

Triodent Forceps are custom designed for placing and removing the Triodent V3 Rings in Class II restorations.

Palodent Plus Forceps

The award-winning V3 Sectional Matrix System, for Posterior Composite Restorations, has the widest indications for use of any sectional matrix system.

Triodent Forceps (Item Number: 302061): available individually.

Q. How do I re-tension the V3 Ring if the tines start to separate?

A. We use NiTi in our rings. It has remarkable strength and elasticity, so the ring will return to its original shape again and again. The V3 Ring may separate slightly over time with over-stretching but can be easily re-tensioned by placing it in the notches in the handles of the Triodent Forceps. Squeeze it like a nutcracker until the tines touch and the ring is as good as new. To prevent over-stretching, only open the ring as far as is needed to place it over the tooth. Also, try not to leave the ring open in the forceps for a long period of time.

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