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35Newtons® FirstPlug® Screw Channel Barrier System

CRD Item Number: 115000

Manufacturer SKU: FP-001

Vendor 35Newtons
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FirstPlug® is a medical-grade PTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) screw channel barrier for implant-supported restorations. It is intended to facilitate the removal of the retaining screw by excluding the overlying restorative filling from the screw head recess and screw channel. The material is supplied non-sterile; a desired amount of material is cut into individual pieces and then placed directly into the screw channel or sterilized in the dental autoclave prior to use.

Material selection for covering implant abutment screws is important to limit leakage, which has been shown to impact peri-implant tissues negatively. FirstPlug is the ideal barrier material, providing a good seal to limit leakage, and is pliable, biologically inert, and easily retrievable. With every detail engineered to fit the clinical application, FirstPlug’s cylindrically shaped plug seats easily in the screw channel without rolling or twisting; the patented medical-grade PTFE has the right compression characteristics for packing and sealing the screw access chamber, as well as sufficient stiffness to support the overlying restorative materials.

Other features and benefits include:

  • FirstPlug’s medical-grade properties are superior to commonly used materials and have been optimized for safe and efficient use in the dental office.
  • Made of PTFE that’s manufactured in the U.S.A., the FirstPlug system is manufactured, assembled, and packaged under strict medical device protocols and quality systems.
  • Efficient dispensing system saves chair time.
  • Easy to pack and remove.
  • Dense and strong material; provides a solid foundation for the overlaying restorative material.
  • Avoids waste.
  • Medical grade material inspires confidence in safety and quality.
  • Dedicated placement and removal instruments.
FirstPlug Screw Channel Barrier Awards
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FirstPlug clinical example with a patient

FirstPlug clinical use: example.

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First Plug screw channel barrier vs. Thread tape

FirstPlug screw channel barrier vs. Thread tape

FirstPlug Dental Implant Screw Channel Barrier by 35Newtons: An overview and how to use it.

FirstPlug Screw Channel Barrier (Item Number: 115000): 1 x 210 cm or 50-60 applications.

FirstPlug Barrier Plugger Instrument (115002): 1 x Instrument.

FirstPlug Barrier Excavator Instrument (115003): 1 x Instrument.