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Manfred Friedman,


   Biomimetic, minimally invasive, tooth conservation. Sound familiar? Modern endodontic access design, root canal shapes and restorative procedures have evolved significantly in the past 10 years as we have come to realize certain facts, one of these being that more conservative shapes in root canal preparation offer more resistance to fracture and better long term successi

   With endodontic shapes getting smaller, restorative materials, in particular, fiber-reinforced endodontic posts, must emulate these conservative forms. With a growing body of evidence to indicate that a properly placed fiber post can increase the resistance to fracture of an endodontically treated tooth ii iii iv, a high quality smaller post is a win-win. 

The Exacto Translucent Post (Angelus, Londrina, Brazil) has a modern design in keeping with these principles. A subtle double taper design, 80% fiber content, excellent translucency and radiopacity, and the availability of a small, size 0.5, make this post well suited to restore minimally shaped and smaller canals, while sacrificing little or no extra tooth structure to accommodate the post. Two larger sizes are also available. 

   Let’s imagine an endodontic case that has been shaped to a size 30, with a .04 taper. If a post is used in this canal and placed to the mid-point between the orifice and the apex, about 6mm coronal from the terminus, what size post should we be using? To determine that, we must first ask, what is the diameter of a 30/.04 preparation at D6? The answer is .54mm. A post with a 0.5 diameter is the ideal choice. To restore the endontically treated tooth, for permanent success, less is the new more! 

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preoperative with black triangles present

1) Post placement complete 

preoperative with black triangles present

2) Post seated and cemented

preoperative with black triangles present

3) Post space prepared

preoperative with black triangles present

4) Post-op showing perfect adaptation to canal shape