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Learn The Bioclear Method: Backed by Science

Redefine the way YOU think about restorative dentistry!

by Clinical Research Dental

Dr. David Clark and his innovative Bioclear Method have changed the course of dental restorations by bringing new dimensions to aesthetics and function through a cutting edge procedural advantage. Bioclear is a clear advancement in the dental industry offering more affordable options for superior results. It is taught in dental schools and universities as a solution for everyday and advanced Anterior & Posterior restorations. Modern progressive dentists challenge the traditional restoration and prefer the Bioclear Method for:

• Performing a variety of anterior and posterior treatments easily, predictably, and confidently

• Solving Black Triangle issues


• Closing diastemas

3 Steps to Success:

How to Navigate Your Bioclear Educational Journey

Step 1

Start with one of these options to learn more about the Bioclear Method and how it can benefit your dental practice. 

Introductory Webinar

Watch this free webinar to learn about the latest advances in modern composite dentistry. See cases utilizing the Bioclear Method and find tips on injection molding, curing with clear matrices, and more.

Book a Demonstration with One of our Clinical Advisors

CLINICAL RESEARCH DENTAL (CRD) offers high-energy, interactive in-office Bioclear mini-clinics designed to provide you and your staff with an overview of the Bioclear Method. Our informative mini-clinics ensure that your team is well empowered and motivated to deliver extraordinary dentistry.

On-Demand Bioclear Training

Learn Bioclear at your own pace with one of the virtual on-demand training programs. Earn CE credits from the convenience of your home or office.

Step 2

Once you have gained an understanding of the five pillars of the Bioclear Method and how you can achieve a long-term bond to enamel without sacrificing healthy tooth structure, it is time to gain some hands-on experience with the Bioclear system.

Register for a local Canadian CRD Bioclear Hands-on Course

CRD in-person continuing education programming brings the best dental CE to cities across Canada. We are dedicated to designing leading education that supports your commitment to excellence in patient care and promotes better dentistry through continuous learning and best practice implementation.

Take one of the Bioclear Hands-on Introductory Courses

Injection Molding: A Live Virtual Introduction to Injection Molding and The Bioclear Technique for Composites – Hands-on Course

In this introductory course that requires you to be in your operatory, learn the basics of Bioclear and heated injection molding in a small, interactive online class. In this live - and lively - 7-hour course, you will be introduced to the benefits of Bioclear, practice Bioclear techniques on soft-tissue dentoforms, and come away with the basic skills and understanding needed as a precursor to performing the Bioclear Method on patients.

Upon course completion, you will receive 7 CE credits.

Black Triangle Certification - Hands-on Course

This three-part in-person hands-on certification course will teach you how to treat black triangles, gingival recession, root abrasions, and perform confident restorations. In becoming a certified Bioclear Black Triangle doctor, you'll increase your overall skill and knowledge of Bioclear and learn to market your new skills to patients. The course is offered at various locations across North America.

Upon course completion, you will receive 18 CE credits.

Multiple people at a Bioclear hands-on course
Step 3

Now that you have had a chance to get some hands-on experience with the Bioclear products, it's time to elevate your experience with the Bioclear Method to truly master the system and maximize the results for your patients.

Bioclear Learning Center Hands-on Courses

Three images showing Bioclear hands-on courses with Dr David Clark

Take one of the multi-day certification courses to learn more specialized anterior or posterior techniques. These live, in-person courses are offered at Bioclear’s state-of-the-art training facility in Tacoma, Washington.

The Bioclear Learning Center is an immersive learning experience that is both intuitive and rewarding. Our experiential learning model allows clinicians to learn with hands-on experience. All courses include instructor demonstrations performed under magnification and are designed to allow students to practice the techniques demonstrated, with real-time instructor feedback. 

When you see something on a stage or in a photograph and it looks great, but you go home the next day and your hands don't know what to do, we built the learning center to have that pathway that allows each type of learner to succeed. 

See the feedback below from a dentist who recently attended one of the courses at the Learning Center:

"I have practiced dentistry for 20 years and the training and teaching at the Bioclear facility has been by far my best experience ever in continuing education. Not only are the instructors absolutely fantastic but the staff is second to none. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to improve your skills, provide a higher level of care for your patients and make friends with like minded people who are looking to excel. I can’t wait to go back!" - L. L. DDS
Core Anterior & Core Posterior 4-Day Certification Course

Bioclear's Core Posterior & Core Anterior combined course builds a strong foundation in the Bioclear Method and an understanding of Bioclear products. The focus of this course will be on direct methods on adult dentition as an alternative procedure to porcelain crowns and veneers. Doctors will learn the Five Pillars of the Bioclear Method, which are essential for long-lasting, minimally invasive, and predictable Bioclear restorations. Doctors gain confidence as they collaboratively practice all applications of the Bioclear Method during intensive hands-on exercises using lifelike soft tissue models that simulate posterior and anterior restorations.

Upon course completion, you will receive 36 CE credits.

Advanced Anterior 3-Day Certification Course

The Advanced Anterior Certification Course is a 3-day course designed to show you Advanced Bioclear Method techniques and bring your Anterior restorations to the next level. Bioclear's Advanced Anterior Certification course is a comprehensive curriculum that allows doctors to offer patients an alternative to porcelain. This in-depth education teaches attendees to treatment plan and execute complex cases encompassing both maxillary and mandibular arches. Master the necessary skills to complete over molded additive dentistry.

Upon course completion, you will receive 27 CE credits.

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