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Intra-Appointment Treatments
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UltraCal™ XS calcium hydroxide paste is a uniquely formulated calcium hydroxide paste that is both aqueous and radiopaque, with a high pH (12.5). It is recommended to use the larger 29 ga NaviTip™ tip for predictable flow, enabling direct placement. UltraCal XS paste can be thoroughly removed from the canal using Ultradent™ Citric Acid and a NaviTip™ FX™ tip.

Second-visit protocol with an interappointment medication with calcium hydroxide resulted in improved microbiological status of the root canal system when compared with a single-visit protocol.1

Other features and benefits include:

  • Radiopaque
  • High pH
  • Superior at delivery control

Gluten Free

2016 Dental Townie Choice Award 2015 Dental Townie Choice Award 2014 Dental Townie Choice Award 2013 Dental Townie Choice Award 2012 Dental Townie Choice Award 2011 Dental Townie Choice Award

Features instructions on how UltraCal XS is used for apexification procedures and as an Inter-appointment canal treatment dressing. Includes information on how to accurately place and easily remove UltraCal XS from the canal.

Learn Ultradent's recommended irrigation protocol using Ultradent's complete line of Endodontic irrigants and unique delivery tips. These products can increase the success and simplify any root canal therapy no matter which cleaning and shaping technique is used.

UltraCal XS Calcium Hydroxide Paste step by step technique.

UltraCal XS Syringe Kit (Item Number: 731027):

UltraCal XS Syringe 4-Pack (735606) contains 4 x 1.2 mL syringes.

Click here to view the UltraCal XS Calcium Hydroxide Paste & Ultradent Citric Acid 20% Solution Product Sheet.

Click here to view the UltraCal XS Calcium Hydroxide Paste IFU.

Click here to view the UltraCal XS Calcium Hydroxide Paste SDS (English).

1Vera J, Siqueira JF Jr, Ricucci D, et al. One- versus two-visit endodontic treatment of teeth with apical periodontitis: a histobacteriologic study. J Endod. 2012;38(8):1040-52

Recommended Tips: NaviTip Tip

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