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Manufacturer Item Number: 329
Irrigants & Lubricants
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Ultradent™ Citric Acid is a mild acidic material that is effective at dissolving/cleaning calcium hydroxide from canals (e.g., UltraCal™ XS calcium hydroxide paste). It is also recommended as a cleanser/conditioner to remove the smear layer from dentinal walls. Deliver with the NaviTip™ tip or the NaviTip™ FX™ tip. Other features and benefits include:

  • Recommended as a cleanser/conditioner of prepared root canals
  • Removes mineral and smear layers
  • Slightly viscous formula facilitates lubrication

Indications for Use

Citric Acid 20%, a root canal cleanser, is intended to etch root canal walls just prior to obturation to allow an optimum seal.

Gluten Free

Learn Ultradent's recommended irrigation protocol using Ultradent's complete line of Endodontic irrigants and unique delivery tips. These products can increase success rates and simplify any root canal therapy no matter which cleaning and shaping technique is used. (480 mL bottles not available in Canada.)

Citric Acid 20% 30 mL IndiSpense syringe (Item Number: 713329)

Recommended Tips: NaviTip or NaviTip FX

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