CRD Item Number: 680097
Manufacturer Item Number: 962686
Oral Hygiene Kits
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The TePe Orthodontic Kit is an all in one solution for your orthodontic cleaning needs, handily presented in a single box. Wearing braces require thorough, careful cleaning of both teeth, gums, and appliance. Finding the right set of products can be both difficult and time-consuming. To save you from the decision taking and make things easier, we have put together a kit with carefully selected products for brace and implant care. Good oral hygiene is even more important with orthodontics; plaque quickly builds up around the brackets, bands, and wires.

Using a high-quality toothbrush designed for cleaning around orthodontics, brushes designed to clean the sides of the teeth easily and under the orthodontic wire and on-the-go cleaning options to help you never experience the "food between the brackets" situation, are great ways to maintain your dental health during orthodontics. This kit provides a great step towards successful orthodontic treatment outcomes. Depending on the type of braces, additional products might be needed. Other features and benefits include:

  • The essential brace cleaning kit for a healthy smile
  • Information folder included with guidelines on how to use the products
  • Orthodontic wax included to avoid or relieve soreness

TePe Orthodontic Kit (Item Number: 680097) includes:

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