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Tissue Goo™ is a hemostatic gel that controls bleeding throughout the cord placement and tissue management processes. It stays where you place it, and offers exceptional hemostasis without compromising the health of the gingival tissue.

Tissue Goo’s active ingredient is 25% aluminum sulfate, which will control bleeding throughout the cord placement and tissue management processes. Aluminum sulfate is much kinder to soft tissue than other hemostatic agents; it does not cauterize, but rather acts similar to a coagulant to stop the bleeding. This ensures that patient’s tissue will not turn black. During retraction cord placement, Tissue Goo acts as a lubricant.

Tissue Goo will not interfere with the set of impression material. Plus, patients appreciate the gooseberry flavour.

Reality Four Star Award Try-It Guarantee
  1. Tissue Goo may be placed directly into the sulcus to control bleeding; however, if First String™ Retraction Cord is saturated with Tissue Goo, it acts as a lubricant as well, ensuring easier placement of the retraction cord.

    Tissue Goo Saturating First String
  2. Gently massage the cord into the bottom of the sulcus, making sure that the ends of the First String do not overlap but meet end to end.

    Placing First String in Sulcus
  3. This occlusal view shows that the first cord meets end to end, but neither the First String nor the margins are entirely visible, indicating that a Double Cord Technique is indicated.

    First String Placement Occlusal View
  4. After saturating the second larger First String with Tissue Goo, it is placed over the first cord, to laterally displace the tissue after a minimum of 3 minutes. Only this cord is removed just prior to the impression.

    Placement of Second First String Layer
  5. Note that the entire cavo-surface margin of the preparation is visible indicating sufficient retraction to capture the margin. Prior to impressioning and cord removal, the preparation is treated with Detail to cleanse and alter the surface tension for the most accurate detailed impression.

    Pre-Impression Occlusal View

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Brad Carson.

4-Pack (Item Numnber: 641904): 4 x 3mL syringes, 50 x 20 gauge needle tips, instructions, SDS.

Big Shot (641960): 1 x 60mL syringe, 4 x 3mL empty refillable syringes, instructions, SDS.

Tissue Goo & Detail Trial Pack (642403): 2 x 3mL Tissue Goo syringes, 2 x 3mL Detail syringes, needle tips, instructions, SDS.

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