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Item Number: 035904
Impression Materials
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Detail™ is a 10% EDTA pre-impression cleansing gel that guarantees a clean, decontaminated prep site and, consequently, an accurate impression every time.

Consider Detail Pre-Impression Cleansing Gel as your insurance policy against surface contaminates and your guarantee of a perfect impression. Other features and benefits include:

  • Guarantees a clean, decontaminated prep site
  • Lifts organic debris and contaminants like sulfur and methacrylate residue in just 7-10 seconds
  • Leaves behind a squeaky-clean impression surface
  • Lowers the surface tension of the preparation so your impression material contacts the surface more intimately
  • Use in conjunction with Affinity Hydroactive Impression Material for an even better and more efficient impression procedure

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Detail Application

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Gildo Santos.

  1. In only 7-10 seconds, Detail leaves behind not only a clean preparation, but also a hydroactive surface – both will yield the cleanest, most detailed impression you’ve ever seen!

    Detail Impression Cleansing Gel Technique


Contaminated Preparation Site

Contaminated preparation site – preventing an accurate and properly cured impression


Clean Preparation Site

Clean preparation site. Detail removes contaminants and surface debris, leaving the dentin tubule plugs in place, and allowing for a clean, decontaminated preparation site.

Detail 4-Pack (Item Number: 035904):

  • 4 x 3mL Detail syringes
  • 50 x 22 gauge needle tips

Tissue Goo/Detail Trial Pack (642403):

  • 2 x 3mL Detail syringes
  • 2 x 3mL Tissue Goo syringes
  • 50 x 22 gauge needle tips

Click here to view the Detail Product Sheet.

Click here to view the Detail IFU/SDS.

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