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Wetting Resins
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ResinBlend LV is a low viscosity, unfilled resin wetting agent that enables enhanced manipulation of all composites without altering their physical or optical properties.

All composites can be easily blended into the tooth structure or sculpted into the ideal form with just a small amount of ResinBlend LV on a composite instrument or brush. Apply ResinBlend LV sparingly to the composite instrument or brush for optimal manipulation of composite. ResinBlend LV is an unfilled resin exhibiting a very thin film thickness. This minimizes inadvertent pooling in slight concavities and grooves and leaves the integrity of the composite surface intact.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Unfilled and Hema-free so original shade of the composite will not be compromised over time
  • Compatible with all composites

Try-It Guarantee

Dr. Michael Miyasaki talks about the features and benefits of using ResinBlend LV composite blending resin from Clinician's Choice.

ResinBlend LV Bottle (Item Number: 151201): 1 x 3mL bottle, IFU and SDS.

View the clinical product application in the article Ultimate Aesthetics Using Non-VITA Shades for Diastema Closure by Marcos Vargas, BDB, DDS, MS.

View the ResinBlend LV Product Sheet (see page 2).

View the ResinBlend LV SDS.

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