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Flowable Composites
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Esthetic and strong, easy to express and manipulate, Evanesce™ Flow is the ideal solution to minimally-invasive restorations and a vital component to your large composite cases.

Evanesce Flow was engineered to complement the Evanesce Universal Restorative composite line and features the very same chemistry.

Other benefits include:

  • Truly universal for use anywhere in the mouth
  • Thixotropic for improved control, easily dispensed from the syringe, and will not slump on a vertical surface
  • Relatively low rate of shrinkage (3.6% compared with up to 5%), and high filler content (62% by weight and 48% by volume)
  • Moves easily when manipulated without sticking to the instrument causing pull-back
  • Ideal for superficial Class I and II’s due to its esthetics, ability to be adapted to the tooth and high strength
  • Class V’s benefit from its no-slump handling and range of opacities and shades
  • Invaluable as a liner base in posterior restorations to support the dentinal/adhesive seal
  • Excellent shade and opacity match to Evanesce and VITA Classic shade guide
  • Can be used on its own or in combination with Evanesce
  • With a radiopacity of 200% Al is clearly distinguishable from composite on a radiograph for ease of diagnosis
  • Available in the most popular shades

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Evanesce Flow Shades chart Evanesce Flow Radiograph

Evanesce Flow Radiograph

Evanesce Flow 1.7 g Syringes. Available in the following shades (each includes 5 mixing tips as well as IFU/SDS):

Universal Shades:

  • A1 (Item Number: 323517)
  • A2 (323518)
  • A3 (323519)
  • A4 (323520)
  • B1 (323521)
  • BL1 (323525)

Enamel Shades:

  • A1 (323501)
  • A2 (323502)
  • A3 (323503)
  • B1 (323505)

Dentin Shades:

  • A2 (323511)

Evanesce Flow Single Dose (0.25g each). 20-Packs available in the following shades (each includes IFU/SDS):

Universal Shades:

  • A1 (323556)
  • A2 (323557)
  • A3 (323558)
  • A4 (323550)
  • B1 (323559)
  • BL1 (323555)

Enamel Shades:

  • A1 (323531)
  • A2 (323532)
  • A3 (323533)
  • B1 (323535)

Dentin Shades:

  • A2 (323545)

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