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Acteon® Piezo-Electric Ultrasonic Perio Tips

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Manufacturer SKU: F00366

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Acteon NEWTRON piezo-electric ultrasonic periodontal tips provide treatment and maintenance of periodontal pockets due to their extreme thinness. This thinness coupled with the precise vibration provided of the tip, allows atraumatic treatments reducing patient discomfort. The shape of the tip is very similar to a universal currette and the technique for use is similar.

NEWTRON technology guarantees efficacy and safety:

  • Preservation: controlled vibrations, steel tip quality, total irrigation control
  • Efficacy: frequency adjustment, power regulation, powerful cavitation
  • Comfort: linear and regular vibrations

Indications for Use

Periodontal debridement and root planing:

  • H3 Universal Curette Tip. Ideal tip to begin with, for the treatment of anterior teeth. The guiding edge is used parallel to the pocket.
  • H1 Universal Diamond Perio Root Planing Tip. Diamond mini-probe (30ÎĽm) recommended for simple cases of root planing for anterior teeth. Also useful for removing granulation tissues.
  • H2L Left & H2R Right Diamond Perio Root Planing Tips. Diamond mini-probe (30ÎĽm), left or right oriented, recommended for treating furcations and very narrow spaces. Also useful for treating abscesses. Operating protocol similar to H4L.
  • P2L and P2R Tips. Micro-tips dedicated to maintenance (very little or absence of calculus), used at a low power setting to preserve the tactile sense. Make a push-stroke lateral movement with the back face. The spray can be adjusted to irrigate right to the bottom of the pocket.

For use with Acteon NEWTRON Ultrasonic Generators.

H3 Universal Curette Tip

H3 Universal Curette Tip

H1 Universal Diamond Perio Root Planing Tip

H1 Universal Diamond Perio Root Planing Tip

H2L Left Diamond Perio Root Planing Tip

H2L Left Diamond Perio Root Planing Tip

H2R Left Diamond Perio Root Planing Tip

H2R Left Diamond Perio Root Planing Tip

Acteon P2L Tip

P2L Tip

Acteon P2R Tip

P2R Tip

The linear movement of the tip can be used in various ways which are also complementary:

Fig. 1 shows sweeping: indicated for scaling and disrupting the biofilm. The tip must be applied tangentially on the part to be treated, and used over its entire active section. Fig. 2 shows hammering: used to fragment large tartar deposits and remove cements. The tip must be positioned facing the element to be detached, and used without pressure on its point. Fig. 3 shows how ultrasonic vibrations also cause a biological effect called cavitation, which has interesting benefits. When a liquid is exposed to ultrasonic vibrations, the acoustic wave induces quite large pressure changes to create small bubbles of vapor called cavitation. These bubbles are extremely unstable and burst violently, leading to the fragmentation and removal of the deposits. In addition cavitation creates micro-bubbles of oxygen which have a cleansing, disinfectant effect. (Lea S.C. "Cavitation damage to ultrasonic scalers" - Dental Health 2008; 47:2-6).

Acteon ultrasonic tips linear movement and its different applications P2L and P2R tips use

P2L and P2R tips use

H3 Universal Curette Tip (Item Number: 820369): 1 ea.

H1 Universal Diamond Perio Root Planing Tip (820366): 1 ea.

H2L Left Diamond Perio Tip (820367): 1 ea.

H2R Right Diamond Perio Tip (820368): 1 ea.

P2L Tip (828184): 1 ea.

P2R Tip (828185): 1 ea.

Q: How do I change (or place) the tip?

A: The tip threads onto the end of the autoclavable handpiece (AHP). The tip-enclosing wrench provided prevents you from having to touch the actual tip. You orient the slot in the wrench around the base of the tip, press the wrench into place, and turn the tip counter-clockwise to loosen the tip. The tip should always either be applied on the AHP or inside the wrench. First, hand tighten a tip to the handpiece. Then align the hole of the wrench to the flat sides of the tip and press down. The wrench will lock into place. Now unscrew the wrench and the tip remains inside, helping prevent the loss of tips or injuring hands and fingers. Hand tightening only needs to be done the first time using the device or acquiring new tips and wrenches. The tip should remain in the wrench unless it’s in use. The torque wrenches have a special design that will prevent over-tightening of the tip on the AHP. When the tip is tight on the AHP, continue to force the wrench in a clockwise motion until you hear an audible “click”. You will then know the tip is sufficiently tight on the AHP. DO NOT DO THIS WITH THE FLAT COLOUR-CODED WRENCHES.

Q: Can I sharpen these tips?

A: No. These tips are not to be altered in any way. Sharpening these tips will negatively affect the tip’s ability to vibrate properly.

Q: How long do the tips last?

A: Most users experience at least 6 – 9 months of use prior to having to replace a tip due to its wear. ACTEON offers the widest variety of NEWTRON tip designs and manufactures the thinnest perio tips on the market. ACTEON was the first company to develop tips with an internal coolant spray, diamond coated tips and pure titanium tips for implant maintenance. ACTEON manufactures NEWTRON tips for all applications including:

  • periodontics
  • subgingival scaling
  • root planing
  • implant maintenance
  • biofilm disruption
  • cavity preparation
  • margin preparation
  • condensing of composites
  • endodontic retreatment
  • post and crown removal
  • apical surgery

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