Marketing: Checklist for Promoting Whitening in Your Practice

Offering whitening in your practice can be a true win/win situation. An increase in revenue and patient retention for you, and patients who are happily enjoying brighter, whiter smiles. For many offices though, their success at building their whitening business is directly related to the effort they put into actively promoting it - and while you may not consider yourself a salesperson, there are some easy things you can start implementing today.

1. Motivate and Train Staff

Kick off your whitening promotional plan by ensuring your team can speak confidently about each of the Opalescence products, as well as how to approach patients and instruct on proper use. Designate a "whitening champion" in your office to act as the point resource and to track and report on the results of your promotional efforts - as well as keep the team's enthusiasm high.

2. Team Show & Tell

Have each team member whiten his or her teeth. They'll be able to speak more authentically about the experience and show off the results.

3. Remember That You're an Educator First

For those that feel uncomfortable at the idea of "selling" whitening to patients, consider a mindset change - from selling to educating your patients about something they want.

4. Provide Before & After Inspiration

Compile a presentation book with good, realistic "before" and "after" photos of your patients (and staff) along with their testimonials.

5. Provide Shade Consultation

Keep a shade guide handy and take your patient's tooth shade at appointments to help them visualize where they are and then where they could potentially be. Matching to a shade guide will help patients keep track of their transformation as they whiten over time.

6. Merchandise Your Product

Display marketing materials such as attractive posters and counter stands with patient literature throughout your waiting room, reception area and operatories. Create a small product display or whitening gift basket and place near the reception area, similar to point-of-purchase displays in retail stores.

7. Gather Marketing Intel

While they wait for their appointment, ask patients to complete a quick questionnaire. Ask questions like, "If there was one thing you could change about your smile, what would it be?" Use the information to help direct your conversations with the patient or to help you build a targeted marketing campaign like a promotional direct mail.

8. Say "Thanks!"

It never hurts to send your patients a well-timed thank you card, to thank them for their business. A free (or discounted) coupon for whitening services will always be appreciated.

9. Implement a White 365 Program

Offer free touch-up whitening for every patient as a part of their regular hygiene appointment. The White 365 program acts as an incentive to encourage patients to maintain their appointment schedule.

10. Time Your Marketing

Share educational materials and product information via newsletters, emails, Facebook or Instagram - particularly around wedding and graduation season, Valentine's Day and the winter holidays. Before and after shots are great content for posts in your social feed (be sure to ask for the patient's permission before posting). 

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