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Ultradent™ VALO™ X LED Curing Light

CRD Item Number: 725986

Manufacturer SKU: 5973

Vendor Ultradent
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The VALO X curing light has been designed from the ground up to provide you with the durability, power, accessibility, and versatility you need. Its aerospace-grade aluminum construction provides extreme durability, while the low-profile, compact, and ergonomic wand design delivers optimal access to all regions of the mouth without compromising comfort for either patient or clinician. With the VALO X curing light you can count on a more complete cure thanks to its 12.5 mm lens and powerful custom LED chip that delivers superior curing depth and beam collimation with better thermal management than other lights.

The VALO X curing light is equipped with two power modes (Standard Power and Xtra Power modes), two diagnostic aid modes (Black Light and White Light Diagnostic Aid modes), and the ability to work corded or cordless. Its simplified design allows for one-button activation and its Accelerometer Function allows you to cycle between its power and diagnostic aid modes with a simple wave of the wand. This eliminates awkward fumbling during a procedure, reduces the likelihood of dropping the instrument, and helps you keep your mind on the task at hand. Five accessory lenses come included with each light, further enhancing the versatility of your VALO X curing light. Other features and benefits include:

  • 12.5 mm lens aperture
  • Long-lasting custom LEDs include 8 curing and 4 white lights
  • Low-profile wand head easily reaches posterior restorations
  • Durable aerospace-grade aluminum body
  • Standard Power and Xtra Power modes
  • White Light and Black Light Diagnostic Aid modes
  • Simplified design for one-button activation
  • Accelerometer Function cycles through modes with a flick of the wrist
  • Corded and cordless functionality
  • VALO X-brand batteries can last up to 120 curing cycles without recharging
  • VALO X-brand batteries can last up to 500 recharging cycles before replacement
  • 5 accessory lenses included
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

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5 year valo x warranty

A Modern Dental Curing Light

The VALO X dental curing light is the ultimate in LED curing light technology. Featuring a larger 12.5 mm lens aperture, long-lasting custom LEDs, and optimized power output, with the new VALO X curing light you’ll be able to uniformly cure all light-cured dental materials within an even larger curing area. Its 12 LEDs (8 curing and 4 white lights) provide excellent curing depth and beam collimation with better thermal management and LED durability, so you can be confident in your cure.

modern curing light

The sleek wand-style design of the VALO X curing light has been perfectly engineered with a low-profile head and a lighter, well-balanced, aerospace-grade aluminum body. The result is an elegant and stylish instrument that is also functional and durable. The low-profile LED head allows you to efficiently cure even hard-to-reach posterior restorations and the aluminum wand body is compact and ergonomically correct, making it easy and comfortable to cure any restoration for both doctor and patient.

valo x body

Versatile and Effortless to Use

The VALO X curing light will power on by simply picking it up thanks to its built-in accelerometer. Only one tap of either top or bottom activation button is needed to activate the light in any mode. The activation button is also illuminated to indicate which mode the VALO X curing light is currently in, as well as if it needs to be charged.

The VALO X dental curing light offers multiple curing and diagnostic aid modes to give you greater versatility and its accelerometer function allows you to easily cycle between these modes with a simple hand motion. Just use a forward drum-tap motion to cycle between power modes, or wave the light from side to side to switch diagnostic aid modes.

Standard Power mode provides one 10-sec. curing cycle. Xtra Power mode provides a fast, triple-pulsed curing cycle—with a 0.5 sec. cooling period between pulses and a 2 sec. cooling period at the end—giving you the same amount of light in half the time as Standard Power mode. Black Light Diagnostic Aid mode and White Light Diagnostic Aid mode assist you in your examination and work together with the included accessory lenses to expand the usefulness of your curing light.

valo x colours

The VALO X dental curing light fits in standard handpiece bracket holders and offers the best of both worlds as it can be operated as either a corded or cordless curing light. One rechargeable VALO-X brand battery can last up to 120 curing cycles before being recharged, or use the corded adapter to plug in and never have to wait for your battery to charge.

Providing even greater functionality, five accessory lenses come with every VALO X light, including two curing lenses and three diagnostic aid lenses:

ProxiCure Ball™ lens supports a matrix and aids in convex proximal contact before and during partial light polymerization.


PointCure™ lens focuses light into a 2.5 mm aperture, ideal for point curing veneers or porcelain crowns.


TransLume™ lens provides longer-wavelength light to transilluminate the teeth and aid in visualization of cracks, fractures, defects, etc.


Interproximal lens aids in identifying defects by illuminating the teeth and observing shadows using White Light Diagnostic Aid mode.


Diffuser lens aids visualizing fluorescent particles in dental resins when used in Black Light Diagnostic Aid mode, and provides natural light when needed (such as determining shade) in White Light Diagnostic Aid mode.


The new VALO X curing light has been completely redesigned to give you the power, durability, and accessibility you expect from a VALO light, but with all-new, groundbreaking features.

Learn what modes or alerts the button light and beeps indicate on the VALO X Curing Light.

With the VALO X Curing Light, you can cycle through curing modes and diagnostic aid modes with a simple motion or button push.

See the different accessory lenses that are included with every VALO X curing light. The lenses provide you with so much versatility, making the VALO X much more than just a curing light.

Learn how to switch between battery and corded operation for the VALO X curing light.

VALO X Kit (Item Number: 725986):

  • VALO X LED curing light
  • 5 x Accessory lenses
  • 2 x Rechargeable batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Power supply (for battery charge or cord adapter)
  • Cord adapter
  • Handpiece bracket holder
  • Blue light blocking light shield
  • Sample pack of barrier sleeves

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