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Sable Seek™ caries indicator contains FD&C dyes and Seek™ caries indicator contains D&C dyes in a glycol base. Both are used to stain carious dentin. Seek and Sable Seek caries indicators stain demineralized dentin and can be very useful for difficult to see areas, for example; undercuts of preparations, dark dentin, areas along the DE junction, etc. Both Seek and Sable Seek caries indicators can provide a fast, effective way to locate calcified root canal orifices.1-3 Green Sable Seek caries indicator helps visualization of decay in deep caries cases to help avoid pulp exposures. Other features and benefits include:

  • Stains demineralized dentin
  • Provides precise, mess-free delivery
  • Available in dark green for working near pulp
  • Aids in identifying root canal orifices

Gluten Free

Indications for Use

Seek is designed to aid in the complete removal of carious dentin. It is particularly useful in identifying caries in difficult to see locations and for the prevention in over-excavating of deep caries.

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1Cohen S, Burns RC. Pathways of the Pulp. 9 ed. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Health Sciences; 2005:185.

2De Moor RJG, Calberson FLG. Root canal treatment in a mandibular second premolar with three root canals. JOE. 2005;31(4):310–313.

3Nallapatti S. Three canal mandibular first and second premolars: a treatment approach. A case report. JOE. 2005;31(6):474–476.

Sable Seek Kit (Item Number: 785233) includes:

Seek Kit (789209) includes:

Sable Seek 1.2 mL Syringe Refill: 4-Pack (785234) or 20-Pack (781805)

Seek 1.2 mL Syringe Refill: 4-Pack (785210) or 20-Pack (781804)


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