CRD Item Number: 731230
Manufacturer Item Number: 230
Endodontic Tips/Syringes
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Slide Ultradent’s Luer Vacuum Adapter onto any chairside HVE unit to efficiently remove irrigants and debris. Compatible with any Luer tip, the Luer Vacuum Adapter saves time and minimizes the use of paper points. Used with Capillary tips, which offer tapered, flexible cannulae that reach deep into canals for enhanced cleaning and drying. Other features and benefits include:

  • A great time saver for any practice
  • Dries canals quickly and efficiently
  • Minimizes paper point use

Learn Ultradent's recommended irrigation protocol using Ultradent's complete line of Endodontic irrigants and unique delivery tips. These products can increase success rates and simplify any root canal therapy no matter which cleaning and shaping technique is used. (480 mL bottles not available in Canada.)

Ultradent Luer Vacuum Adapter (Item Number: 731230): 10-Pack

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