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Triodent® AdaptiVe Wedge™

CRD Item Number: 303324

Manufacturer SKU: 403324

Vendor Triodent
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A great choice for bulk fill or deep cavities, the AdaptiVe Wedge™ from Triodent® will save you time by facilitating excellent matrix retention and adaptation, with the added benefit of transparency. Other features and benefits include:

  • Transparency provides a cure-through option
  • Suitable for all Class II cases, whether or not the cure-through option is used
  • Great with bulk fill and deep cavities
  • Notches enhance flexibility for outstanding matrix adaptation and retention
  • Facilitates a superb matrix seal on the gingival margin
  • Four sizes cater for every embrasure scenario
  • Gentle on the papilla

Indications for Use

Use the AdaptiVe Wedge in any Class II restoration to achieve a superior seal on the gingival margin. The transparent surface of the AdaptiVe Wedge allows light to pass through.

Sizes for Any Scenario

The AdaptiVe Wedge is available in four sizes to ensure a complete seal no matter how large or small the embrasure.

Flexible Notches

The AdaptiVe Wedge takes the concept of the Triodent Wave-Wedge one step further by adding notched flares to the gingival side of the wedge. These notches are highly flexible so the wedge can perfectly adapt the matrix to the tooth in any preparation.


The fact that the AdaptiVe Wedge is transparent means that light can pass through it, so it will allow you to initiate curing while the wedge is still in place.

Small AdaptiVe Wedge (Item Number: 303324): 100 x Small AdaptiVe Wedges (Clear)

Medium AdaptiVe Wedge (303325): 100 x Medium AdaptiVe Wedges (Pink)

Large AdaptiVe Wedge (303326): 100 x Large AdaptiVe Wedges (Purple)

Extra-Large AdaptiVe Wedge (303327): 100 x Extra-Large AdaptiVe Wedges (Gray)

Q: How do I know which AdaptiVe Wedge is the right size for the interproximal space?

A: It is important to remember that these wedges are only for matrix adaptation, not tooth separation. There are four sizes of AdaptiVe Wedge. Each wedge has small notches along the sides that essentially divide it into three segments. When the right-sized wedge is used, those segments will contract and expand independently, producing greater matrix adaptation than you will get with other wedges. Deformation can only occur if the wedge is too large for the embrasure. For optimum adaptation of the matrix, choose the largest wedge size that will fit the interproximal space. If the wedge deforms, choose a smaller size. Size selection is critical to make the most of its adaptation capabilities but becomes simple and routine after a very short time.

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