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Ceramic Burs
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The CeraBur® K1SM facilitates controlled, intuitive excavation, enabling the user to feel when the instrument leaves the carious, soft dentin. The outstanding efficiency of the CeraBur K1SM was shown in a study compiled by the University of Münster, Germany. On top, a study prepared by the Queen Mary University of London showed that the service life of the K1SM is three times as long as that of a round tungsten carbide bur. Other features and benefits include:

  • Ceramic round bur, high-efficiency cutting design for excavating and slim neck for improved vision
  • Biocompatible and corrosion-free
  • High-efficiency cutting in carious, soft dentin
  • Special blade design for smooth operations

Maximum rotation frequency: 40,000 min-1/rpm

Indications for Use

Cavity preparation.

Shank Type

Komet RA Shank Type

K1SM.RA.010: 5-Pack (Item Number: 336349)

K1SM.RA.012: 5-Pack (336350)

[MOST POPULAR] K1SM.RA.014: 5-Pack (336351)

K1SM.RA.016: 5-Pack (336352)

K1SM.RA.018: 5-Pack (336353)

K1SM.RA.023: 5-Pack (336354)

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