CRD Item Number: 451403
Manufacturer Item Number: 6031A2
Tints & Opaquers
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Creative Color® is a system of tints and opaquers that is designed for Renamel Microfill and Renamel Universal Microhybrid, but it is also compatible with most other restorative systems.

Creative Color opaquers and tints have a unique viscosity that flows only when you touch it, which means you're in complete control. Even if you apply a few layers, neither material will add bulk to the restoration.

Creative Color Opaquers have been the industry standard for the last 27 years, and no dental composite system is complete without them. They help dentists create invisible restorations by blocking undesirable under-colour and unwanted translucent shine-through. Other features and benefits include:

  • Blocks unwanted colour and translucent shine-through
  • Colour blends invisibly into your dental composite material
  • Unique viscosity that is easy to manipulate and control
  • Microfill-based dental composite for the higher esthetics
  • Shades cover the entire VITA Shade range

Creative Color Tints help you create invisible restorations by adding effects such as incisal translucency, cervical darkening, craze lines and check lines. These #1 rated tints are key ingredients to better esthetics. Other features and benefits include:

  • Helps you create cervical darkening and incisal translucency
  • Recreate craze lines, check lines and maverick colours
  • Decrease value of your composite resin material
  • Microfill based, 10% filled, and polishable
  • Translucent and natural in appearance

Indications for Use (Opaquers)
  • Increase value or brightness
  • Block unwanted translucent shine-through
  • Block undesirable under colour of tooth structure
  • Create surface characterization such as hypoplasia and check lines

Indications for Use (Tints)
  • Impart incisal translucency and cervical chroma into your restoration
  • Mimic surface artifacts such as pit and fissure staining
  • Recreate craze lines, check lines and maverick colours
  • Decrease the value of your dental composite restoration

Reality Four Star Award

Opaquer refills available in 2.5 g syringes:

  • A2-A2.5 (451503)
  • A1-B1-LO (451501)
  • A3 (451505)
  • B0 (451528)
  • B2 (451511)
  • C1-D2 (451514)
  • White (451520)

Tint refills available in 2.5 g syringes:

  • Violet (Item Number: 452505)
  • Grey (452502)
  • Honey Yellow (452503)
  • Light Brown (452504)
  • Dark Brown (452501)

Also Available in Kits: Creative Color Opaquer & Tint Kits

Recommended Resin: Creative Color Clear Liquid Resin

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