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Clinician's Choice® Quad-Tray® XL Xtra Long Impression Tray

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The Quad-Tray® XL allows dentists to take ideal, distortion-free dual-arch impressions in cases that involve multiple preparations, including small bridges. Quad-Tray XL incorporates all the benefits of our original Quad-Tray, which include an inflexible aluminum construction, wide, customizable arch, and thin distal bar.

The Quad-Tray XL impression tray features a full quadrant design to assist the dental lab in providing ideal occlusion by recording cuspid rise. Quad-Tray XL also offers more lateral support for the impression material, increasing rigidity and reducing impression flex.

Both the lingual and buccal walls of the Quad-Tray XL are enhanced to allow impression material to lock to the tray. On the buccal side, as the tray curves towards the anterior, the Quad-Tray XL's perforated walls provide sufficient height to encompass the height of anterior teeth. While the extended length of the tray allows the clinician to capture larger cases, including 3-unit bridges, while providing greater lateral support for the impression material.

The Quad-Tray XL is part of Clinician’s Choice Quad-Tray family of ultra-rigid aluminum dual-arch impression trays specially designed to prevent the causes of tray distortion.

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Full Quadrant Impression using Affinity InFlex, Affinity Light Body RF and Quad-Tray XL

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Christopher Ramsey, DMD

  1. Affinity InFlex Maximum Support Tray Material is loaded onto both sides of a Quad-Tray XL.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Loading Quad-Tray
  2. After syringing Affinity Light Body RF (Regular Flow) around the inlay preparation and implant site, the Quad-Tray XL encompasses the full quadrant.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Tray Bite
  3. Perorated buccal wall locks impression material to the tray.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Perforated Buccal Wall
  4. InFlex flows through the Quad-Tray XL’s slotted lingual and buccal walls to lock the impression material and tray together.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Slotted Lingual Wall
  5. Notice how InFlex has displaced the Light Body without over-displacing it from the prep sites.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Light Body Displaced
  6. Precise detail is achieved every time.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Precise Detail

Compared with flimsy plastic trays, the inflexible Quad-Tray is designed for accuracy. Peter Jordan, president of Clinician's Choice, discusses dentistry's best-selling metal quadrant impression tray.

Designed to prevent impression distortion, Quad-Tray from Clinician's Choice is dentistry’s best-selling metal dual-arch, disposable impression tray.

Quad-Tray XL (Item Number: 041400) is available in 40-pack quantities.

View the Quad-Tray XL Product Sheet.

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