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Item Number: 133001
Composite Finishing
Clinician's Choice
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The Contours™ Finishing and Polishing Disc system from Clinician's Choice® is a colour-coded, easy to use sequence of four semi-flexible Aluminum Oxide discs, designed to efficiently shape and refine your composite restoration while polishing it to a life-like lustre. They are available in the two most popular sizes of 3/8” and 1/2” diameters and are intended to be used in sequence from coarse to superfine. Other features and benefits include:

  • Consistent flex allows for control without gouging at the margin and minimizes any scarring of the surface from accidental contact with the metal center.
  • 3/8” disc are indicated for margins and areas near the papilla, as well as on posterior and/or pedodontic restorations.
  • The 1/2” disc is perfect for larger surface reduction, contouring and polishing.
  • Coarse and medium grit discs can also be used to establish surface texture as well as prepare the composite for A.S.A.P. Pre- and Final High Shine Polishers as part of an esthetic finishing and polishing regimen.
  • Intuitive shading of the discs, from dark purple to light pink as the grit decreases from coarse to superfine.
  • Discs effortlessly and securely pop onto the round mandrel.

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Polishing with a fine Clinician's Choice Contours Disc

Polishing with a fine Clinician's Choice Contours Disc

Intuitive Colour Coding

Clinician's Choice Contours Discs Colour Coding

Instructions For Use

Clinician's Choice Contours Discs Instructions For Use

Starter Kits include 400 discs total (100 each of Coarse, Medium, Fine, Superfine grits) and a mandrel. Available for both sizes:

  • Contours Finishing & Polishing Disc Starter Kit 1/2" (Item Number: 133001)
  • Contours Finishing & Polishing Disc Starter Kit 3/8" (133002)

Contours Finishing & Polishing Disc Trial Kit (133003) includes 200 discs (25 each of 1/2” Coarse, Medium, Fine, Superfine & 25 each of 3/8” Coarse, Medium, Fine, Superfine) and a mandrel.

Individual Refill 1/2" 85-packs. Available for each grit:

  • Coarse (133004)
  • Medium (133005)
  • Fine (133006)
  • Superfine (133007)

Individual Refill 3/8" 85-packs. Available for each grit:

  • Coarse (133008)
  • Medium (133009)
  • Fine (133010)
  • Superfine (133011)

Contours Finishing & Polishing Disc Mandrel Refill (133012): 3-Pack.

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