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The Bioclear™ Blaster removes the toughest biofilm without damaging the enamel surface using a powerful and effective prophy-blasting Aluminum Trihydroxide slurry. It's the perfect combination of effective cleaning power, ergonomic design, easy installation and adaptability.

The Bioclear Blaster is easy to move between operatories and plugs directly into your dental control unit by way of any KaVo MultiflexTM type swivel connection (included). The Swivel provides full 360° rotation to reduce tubing drag and wrist strain. Other features and benefits include:

  • Highly effective, minimally invasive biofilm removal
  • Easy portability between operatories
  • No bulky equipment or additional water, air, or electrical connections required

Once the disclosing solution has been applied, the Blaster thoroughly removes biofilm leaving the tooth ready for bonding.

Each Bioclear Blaster (Item Number: 208340) comes with:

Click here to view Treating The Dreaded Black Triangle With The Bioclear Method: A 4-year Follow Up Clinical Technique in Oral Health with Dr. David Clark where he demonstrates the use of and explains the benefits of the Bioclear Blaster (see figures 11 and 13).

Click here to view the Bioclear Matrix Systems Information Booklet.

Click here to view the Bioclear Blaster IFU.

This product is used in the Injection Molding and The Bioclear Technique for Composites by Dr. David Clark during the live virtual hands-on course.

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