Bioclearâ„¢ Evolve Matrix Height Indicator

CRD Item Number: 069111

Manufacturer SKU: 500122

Vendor Bioclear
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The Evolve Matrix Height Indicator is designed to guide matrix selection and curing. The indicator has two uses:

  • Matrix Height Indicator: Numbers are printed on the indicator so the correct Evolve Matrix is chosen the first time. This helps reduce waste when incorrect matrices are chosen.
  • Go/No-Go Indicator: The coloured tip indicates if a cavity prep can be cured in one layer or if multiple layers must be used.

How to use the new Bioclear Evolve Matrix Height Indicator

bioclear probe

Dr. David Clark demonstrates the new Evolve Matrix System and Evolve Matrix Height Indicator by Bioclear. In this video, he explains how to select, place, and use each piece of the system to create comfortable and tight contacts.

Bioclear Evolve Matrix Height Indicator (Item Number: 069111): available individually.

View the Evolve Matrix System Technique Guide.

View case study Class II Clinical case by Dr. David Clark and the example of use of the Bioclear Evolve Matrix Height Indicator.

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