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Item Number: 208903
Matrices, Wedges & Rings
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The Bioclear™ 360° Veneer Matrix comes as a 6 tooth kit with 12 matrices that are specially designed to create a 2 part form around the tooth, meaning there are both mesial and distal abutting matrices. This form creates a mould around the tooth, sealing the gingival margins and enabling heated composite resin to completely ensconce the tooth with an impressively durable, solid, pearlescent shell of composite. That monolithic, solid shell with the Mylar finish eliminates all of the inherent weaknesses of hand layered, free form, or indirect, putty matrix techniques of the past.

Bioclear 360° Veneer Matrices are available in 12-Pack (Item Number: 208903) and 50-Pack (208904) quantities.

Click here to view Composite Versus Porcelain, Part 2: The 360° Composite Resin Veneer Clinical Technique in Dentistry Today with Dr. David Clark where he discusses a case using the Bioclear 360° Veneer Matrix.

Click here to view the Bioclear Matrix Systems Information Booklet.

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