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HEATWAVE Mouldable Trays & HEATWAVE Quadrant Mouldable Trays*

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188932, 188142, 188143, 188144, 188145, 188151, 188152, 188153, 188154
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Product Description



A More Accurate Fit for a More Accurate Impression

Click to download:  Clinical Product Sheet

New HEATWAVE™ Customizable Impression Trays from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® represent a noteworthy evolution in impression trays, by taking truly anatomically designed trays and adding the ability to selfcustomize chair-side. The result is a precise fit with vertical drive that rivals that of a custom tray (but without the inconvenience and cost involved to make a custom tray) for perfectly precise impressions every time.

With HEATWAVE, the clinician can easily self-customize the thermoplastic trays by hand after immersing them in water for 60 seconds at 70oC/158oF. The tray can then be shaped by hand and moulded to a patient’s particular arch size and contour. After adaption, the tray will assume its normal rigidity at room temperature or by running under cold water, allowing for a precision impression.

The ability to adapt the tray chair-side provides a significant advantage for all full arch impressions, and specifically in cases where exostoses, tori and mal-positioned teeth are present and stock trays cannot seat properly, thereby inhibiting the ability to capture accurate detail. HEATWAVE mouldable trays also eliminate the patient discomfort caused when stock trays get caught up on bony anatomical variances.

Because HEATWAVE trays provide a better, more anatomical fit, impression space is limited which means you’ll also use less impression material, similar to a custom tray technique. Moreover, this precise fit creates optimal dynamic pressure around the arch during insertion which greatly reduces the risk of impression distortion.

HEATWAVE Customizable Impression Trays are available in 4 upper (salmon-colored) and 4 lower (yellow-colored) sizes and are designed to accommodate square, round, or gothic shaped arches. The ability to customize the tray limits the sizes needed thereby reducing inventory. A unique caliper measuring system, measures both arch width and angle, allowing for easy selection of the ideal sized tray thus drastically reducing tray selection time.

HEATWAVE Intro Kit # 188932  32 trays (4 each size, upper & lower), measuring caliper & chart

HEATWAVE Refills (10 trays/box)

  • # 188142  Size 42 Upper Tray
  • # 188143  Size 43 Upper Tray
  • # 188144  Size 44 Upper Tray
  • # 188145  Size 45 Upper Tray
  • # 188151  Size 51 Lower Tray
  • # 188152  Size 52 Lower Tray
  • # 188153  Size 53 Lower Tray
  • # 188154  Size 54 Lower Tray


Click to download:  Clinical Product Sheet

Anatomically Designed, Hand Moldable For Greater Impression Accuracy

While the use of a full-arch impression tray is essential to the success of complex or multiple restorations, the use of a quadrant impression tray can be acceptable, and even advantageous, in simpler cases where only one quadrant is involved. In these cases, a quadrant tray may provide greater patient comfort, specifically to those patients with gagging tendencies, while also reducing the amount of impression material required, and overall procedure costs. 

Until now, quadrant trays have presented challenges to the clinician. Their standardized designs simply were not developed to accommodate the varying arch shapes and widths that present in clinical situations. Further, when compared to a full arch tray, many plastic quadrant trays do not offer the degree of support and stability required to prevent impression distortion and inaccuracies. With the introduction of the new HEATWAVETM Customizable Quadrant Impression Tray from CLINICIAN'S CHOICE®, these clinical challenges have been eliminated.

The New Wave - Customizable Quadrant Trays

HEATWAVE Customizable Quadrant Impression Trays are a practical addition to the moldable full tray version also offered from CLINICIAN'S CHOICE, presenting a more cost effective, efficient and accurate solution for single crowns, inlays, onlays, and simple implant restorations. HEATWAVE trays are anatomically designed, and can be easily adapted by hand for structural variations after a 60 second hot water soak (at 70ºC/158ºF), eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive custom or laboratory fabricated trays. This custom fit also allows for uniform compression of the impression material, which contributes to increased impression accuracy and a reduction in the amount of impression material used. Because HEATWAVE quadrant trays are so adaptable, the need for an extensive size range is eliminated, so the 2 available shapes (one for quadrants 1 and 3, and another for quadrants 2 and 4) will accommodate virtually all single quadrant cases. 

Other unique features of these trays include retentive slots to aid in retention of the material within the tray (note that a tray adhesive is still recommended), and an incorporated "cut out" to accommodate the labial frenum attachment. An integrated finger indentation eases tray insertion and allows it to be inserted at the proper angle. Further, the tray's closed distal flange prevents material from dripping and causing patient gagging.

HeatWave Customizable Quadrant Impression Trays # 188710 – 10 Pack 5 right trays (quadrants 1 and 3) and 5 left trays (quadrants 2 and 4)

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