Ultradent™ IsoBlock™ Bite Block

CRD Item Number: 751331

Manufacturer SKU: 331

Vendor Ultradent
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IsoBlock disposable bite blocks relax the lips and cheeks, allowing full access to facial and buccal surfaces for in-office whitening, Class V restorations, veneers, ortho bracket cementation, and more.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Provides bilateral support with tongue restraint

Indications for Use

IsoBlock bite blocks are used as a tongue restraint and to provide bilateral support during in-office whitening and composite procedures.

2022 4 Star Best Bite Block 2020 4 Star 2019 4 Star

Provides Patient Comfort During In-Office Procedures

​IsoBlock is ideal for use with in-office whitening procedures.

bite block orthodontics

Ideal with In-Office Whitening Procedures

IsoBlock bite blocks let your patients comfortably relax their jaws during Opalescence Boost whitening and other in-office whitening procedures. When IsoBlock bite blocks are used with KleerView cheek and lip retractors, you can be confident the soft tissues won’t come in contact with the whitening gel.

Simple, Effective Design

IsoBlock bite blocks' simple design provides bilateral support for patients of all ages while effectively keeping the tongue in a safe position.

No Cleanup Required

​IsoBlock bite blocks are disposable, so there’s no need to worry about sterilization or reuse. Simply toss them in the trash when the procedure is complete.

IsoBlock Bite Block (Item Number: 751331): 10-Pack

Q: Won’t IsoBlock’s bilateral support tabs get in the way of in-office whitening procedures?

A: ​IsoBlock is designed so the tabs rest between the molars. During most in-office whitening procedures, the only teeth whitened are #5–#12 on the maxillary and #21–#28 on the mandibular, which means IsoBlock won’t interfere with the procedure.

Q: Are IsoBlock bite blocks reusable?

A: ​No. Each IsoBlock should be discarded after use.

Q: Are IsoBlock bite blocks available in more than one size?

A: ​IsoBlock bite blocks are available in just one size, which is intended to fit the majority of patients.