Clinician's Choice® Micropoint™ Scissors

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Designed for cutting both retraction cord and sutures, Clinician's Choice® Micropoint™ Scissors are made from resilient “spring” steel. Micropoint Scissors are light-weight and provide exceptional tactile feel.

Clinician's Choice Micropoint Scissors give you all you ever wanted in surgical scissors: safety-tipped blades combined with unparalleled cutting power. Designed for cutting both retraction cord and sutures, MicropointScissors are made from resilient "spring" steel, so the blades actually flex during use. This dramatically increases the shear angle by 300%, which results in effective and consistent cutting from the base to the tip of the blades and greatly increases the life of the scissors. You’ll find Micropoint Scissors to be extremely lightweight. This feature, coupled with blades that are virtually "microtipped", creates exceptional tactile sensitivity, even with double gloving. Gaining access to sutures that are buried should be a quick and relatively simple procedure, but often it becomes time-consuming, difficult, and uncomfortable for your patient. Most surgical scissors require you to elevate the tag above the knot and access the suture from beneath with the blades open – a precarious procedure that can damage the surrounding soft tissue (healing tissue, we might add!) and can lead to unnecessary bleeding and discomfort. With Micropoint Scissors, however, you can probe for the suture with the blades closed. The microtipped blades give you an excellent tactile feel to locate the suture. Then, with a very slight adjustment, you can effortlessly clip the suture – and only the suture – as the safety-tipped blades protect the surrounding tissue. No other scissors cut like Clinician's Choice Micropoint Scissors!

  • Ideal for cutting retraction cord
  • Microtipped scissor blades give you excellent tactile feel to locate the suture, even with double gloving
  • Made from resilient “spring” steel so the blades flex during use
  • Effective and consistent cutting from the base to the tip of the blades
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Safety-tipped blades protect the surrounding tissue

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