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Clinician's Choice® CounterFit™ II Multi-Purpose Replication Silicone

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CounterFit™ II from Clinician’s Choice is a silicone alginate replacement material that flows beautifully to capture exquisite detail for all alginate-type impressions. CounterFit II overcomes many clinical problems associated with alginate such as tearing, voids, lack of impression detail and single pour restriction. Other features and benefits include:

  • Extremely high tear strength compared with traditional alginate and it cures to an ideal durometer to ensure interproximal tags do not fold during reinsertion
  • Once polymerized, can be poured more than once and reused, if necessary
  • Thixotropic to help prevent patient gagging
  • CounterFit II impressions can be stored as long as any VPS impression

Indications For Use

Use CounterFit II to create impressions of a tooth anatomy and gum structure.

Try-It Guarantee
Counter-Fit Derived Model Ideal Bite Registration Fit

Ideal bite registration fit

Counter-Fit Derived Model Closed Bite

Closed bite

Alginate Derived Models Poor Fit

Poor fit

Alginate Derived Models Open Bite

Open bite

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Dr. Len Boksman and Gregg Tousignant.

  • 120mL cartridge (Item Number: 275603): 2-pack, instructions, SDS. For use with Clinician's Choice PowerMix™ Automatic Impression Material Dispenser.
  • 2-pack (275602): 2 x 50mL cartridges, 6 mixing tips, instructions, SDS
  • 12-pack (275612): 12 x 50mL cartridges, instructions, SDS
  • 36-pack (275636): 36 x 50mL cartridges, instructions, SDS
  • 380mL MegaMix Cartridge (275382): 1 x 380mL cartridge, instructions, SDS

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Recommended Tips: 7.5 Mixing Tips or MegaMix Tips

Recommended Trays: HeatWave Customizable Impression Trays

Recommended Gun: Dual-Port Impression Gun

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