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Garrison® FenderWedge® Interproximal Tooth Shield

CRD Item Number: 094102

Manufacturer SKU: TSPR

Vendor Garrison
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Conservative Class II preps are great for saving tooth structure, but can make the placement of your Composi-Tight® sectional matrix bands difficult. FenderWedge® will lend you a hand by "pre-separating" the teeth while you prepare the tooth. When the prep is done, remove FenderWedge and slide your Composi-Tight band into place.

As a fantastic added bonus, the firm stainless steel shield protects the adjacent tooth from inadvertent contact with the bur. Again, protecting valuable natural tooth structure while saving you the hassle of having to polish out nicks.

Indications for Use

Class II preparations on the mesial or distal.

Technique for Class II restorations utilizing Composi-Tight 3D Fusion Soft Face Rings

  1. Place rubber dam. Isolation of the area helps to prevent contamination from blood and saliva. As with many dental procedures, aspiration of small parts is a valid concern.

  2. Place FenderWedge prior to preparation to pre-separate and protect the adjacent tooth. Prepare tooth with conservative Class II preparation. Once the preparation is complete, remove the FenderWedge and place your matrix.

  3. Place Composi-Tight 3D Fusion sectional matrix band. Select a matrix band that most closely approximates the occlusogingival height of the tooth. The Grab-Tab should be oriented toward the occlusal margin and may be bent over the adjacent tooth after placement

    Place composi-tight 3d fusion matrix band
  4. Insert Composi-Tight 3D Fusion wedge. Keep a finger on the matrix band to prevent the wedge from dislodging the band during insertion. Wedge firmly, a high viscosity resin packed into the preparation may displace the band away from the tooth.

    Insert composi-tight 3d fusion wedge
  5. Apply the Composi-Tight 3D Fusion Soft Face ring retainer. Select a retainer ring that is appropriate for the embrasure and tooth being restored. Spread it with the *Composi-Tight 3D Fusion Ring Placement forceps and place it over the wedge.

    Apply the composi-tight 3d fusion soft face ring retainer
  6. Very Important: push the matrix band firmly into contact with the adjacent tooth in the desired contact area.

  7. Use your preferred etching, disinfecting and bonding technique following manufacturer’s instructions. Apply your preferred composite resin following manufacturer’s instructions.

  8. Remove the ring, wedge and band.

  9. Contour and polish the restoration.

FenderWedge use FenderWedge image FenderWedge placement FenderWedge clinical

Have your wedge-related questions answered in less than 11 minutes by watching this video.

FenderWedge Interproximal Tooth Shield available in the following 60-Packs:

  • FenderWedge Extra Small Purple (Item Number: 094102)
  • FenderWedge Small Orange (094103)
  • FenderWedge Medium Green (094104)
  • FenderWedge Large Yellow (094101)