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Manufacturer Item Number: 3D500
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The tenacious grip, along with enhanced Soft Face™ technology and Dynamic Tip Angle™, makes the Composi-Tight® 3DXR™ ring the standard for all Class II restorative procedures. The Composi-Tight 3DXR Soft Face Sectional Matrix Ring is an ultra-retentive matrix ring designed for use with short or malpositioned teeth, including areas between the canine and first bicuspid. The orange Soft FaceTM 3D-Ring will be the ring used in most circumstances because of its ease of placement and its ability to adapt to a wide variety of tooth anatomies while reducing flash and restoring proper contour. Other features and benefits include

  • Tip design improves results on difficult dentition
  • Space-age PEEK overmold promotes unparalleled strength and resistance to fatigue
  • Expanded indications allows for predictable placement – reducing procedure time

Indications for Use

Class II procedure.

Important Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions:

Composi-Tight 3D & 3DXR Soft Face rings maintain their strength and appearance by using the following cleaning and sterilization procedure: Follow recommended regulatory guidelines for ultrasonic pre-sterilization. DO NOT use solutions containing acetone or ketone. Steam autoclave sterilization only.

Short animation showing the Composi-Tight 3D XR Sectional Matrix System from Garrison Dental.

Soft Face Ring [3D500] (Item Number: 202602): 2-Pack

Soft Face Extra Retention Ring [3DXR] (202530): 2-Pack

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