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Clinician's Choice® Affinity™ Light Body RF Hydroactive Impression Material

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If you prefer a light body that is more thixotropic and stays where it’s placed; this is how Affinity™ Light Body RF (Regular Flow) was designed. Light Body RF lends itself well to those who like to drive the impression material into the sulcus with an air syringe. Otherwise, Affinity Light Body HF (High Flow) flows on its own under the hydraulic pressure of the tray material and flows effortlessly into the sulcus.

Affinity Light Body RF is part of the Affinity line of impression materials that combine a unique branched resin, more refined filler and even distribution of surfactant for enhanced accuracy.

Affinity impression materials feature:

  • Enhanced hydrophilicity for excellent performance in the presence of moisture, especially with subgingival preparations
  • Matched fluid states between the tray and wash materials better capture the preparation site
  • 100% cure to a dense supportive state, which translates to higher tear strength and dimensional stability
  • The blend between Affinity Light Body and Affinity Heavy Body or InFlex is perfect every time
  • Affinity Light Body RF available regular set for multiple impressions and fast set for single preparations

Reality Four Star Award Try-It Guarantee
Affinity Light Body RF Close Up

Affinity Light Body RF is more thixotropic material that stays where it’s placed and is driven into the sulcus with an air syringe.

Full Quadrant Impression using Affinity InFlex, Affinity Light Body RF and Quad-Tray XL

Dentistry and photography courtesy of Christopher Ramsey, DMD

  1. Affinity InFlex Maximum Support Tray Material is loaded onto both sides of a Quad-Tray XL.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Loading Quad-Tray
  2. After syringing Affinity Light Body RF (Regular Flow) around the inlay preparation and implant site, the Quad-Tray XL encompasses the full quadrant.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Tray Bite
  3. Perorated buccal wall locks impression material to the tray.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Perforated Buccal Wall
  4. InFlex flows through the Quad-Tray XL’s slotted lingual and buccal walls to lock the impression material and tray together.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Slotted Lingual Wall
  5. Notice how InFlex has displaced the Light Body without over-displacing it from the prep sites.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Light Body Displaced
  6. Precise detail is achieved every time.

    Affinity Clinical Technique Precise Detail
Affinity Working and Set Times

"​The Affinity line of products are an indispensable part of my restorative practice. The quality and flexibility of the entire line gives me great confidence in my crown and bridge procedures."

Dr. Robert G. Ritter – Jupiter, FL

To purchase in bulk quantities or bundle with other impression materials and save money per cartridge you can build a Spectrum Pack here:

Affinity Light Body Regular Flow Regular Set 2-Pack (Item Number: 024410):

  • 2 x 50mL cartridges
  • Mixing tips
  • IFU / SDS

Affinity Light Body Regular Flow Fast Set 2-Pack (024415):

  • 2 x 50mL cartridges
  • Mixing tips
  • IFU / SDS

Q: What are the working and set times of both Affinity regular set viscosities and fast set?

A: The working time of Affinity Regular Set material is 1:45 mins with a setting time of 2:30 mins.

Affinity Fast Set materials have a working time of 1:10 mins and a set time of 1:45 mins.

Q: How is Affinity different from other impression materials?

A: Only Affinity uses branched resin chemistry for 3-dimensional cross-linking resulting in a higher tear strength, refined fillers, and an even distribution of surfactant. Other impression materials use linear resin chemistry with an uneven distribution of surfactant resulting in less accurate impressions that are more prone to tearing of the thin interproximal and sulcus fins.

Q: I really like my light body from another brand. Can I use Affinity Heavy Body (or other Affinity Tray Materials) and my light body together?

A: Light and heavy body materials from another brand may be mixed but strict attention must be paid to the working and set times as they need to mimic or exceed Affinity’s.

Q: How can I prevent air bubbles in my wash material?

A: Always keep the tip of the mixing tip fully immersed in the Light Body fully as it is syringed around the prep sites.

Q: Affinity sets more quickly compared to what I was using before. What can I do?

A: If using Fast Set, switch to Affinity Regular Set impression material. Do not attempt to adjust the temperature of the material in order to slow down the set.

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