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Clinician's Choice® PowerMix™ Automatic Impression Material Dispenser

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Cordless, effortless and portable, the PowerMix™ Automatic Impression Material Dispenser from Clinician’s Choice delivers perfectly mixed, void-free tray material with just a press of a button. Features and benefits of the PowerMix include:

  • Fast and convenient: Fill a full arch impression tray in 10-15 seconds – no voids or hand fatigue
  • Lightweight and portable: The PowerMix weighs just 2lbs and is easily transported between operatories for handheld or stand delivered tray filling
  • Long battery life: Fully charged, the PowerMix dispenses 8 full 120mL cartridges (up to 24 full arch impressions)

Combine PowerMix with Affinity™ impression materials. Affinity Heavy Body provides ideal hydraulics for improved accuracy with full arch impressions, while Affinity InFlex, an ultra-rigid tray material is designed specifically to prevent distortion with the dual-arch impression technique.

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Introducing new Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material 120ml cartridges for use with PowerMix Automatic Impression Material Dispenser.

Step by step directions on how to load and fill an impression tray using the PowerMix dispenser.

Introducing PowerMix Automatic Impression Material Dispenser.

Clinical demonstration of PowerMix Impression Material Dispenser.

PowerMix vs traditional dispensing gun.

Dr. Chad Duplantis takes an impression using Clinician's Choice products: Heatwave customizable impression tray, PowerMix Automatic Impression Material Dispenser and Affinity Impression Material (Heavy Body), highlighting the features of each product.

"My staff has been very happy with the PowerMix. The efficiency of the tray filling and portability makes it an essential part of our operator."

Dr. Todd Snyder, DDS, FAACD, FIADFE, ASDA, ABAD. Laguna Niguel, CA, Las Vegas, NV.

Each PowerMix (Item Number: 031121) unit comes with a stand, an AC power adapter and instructions for use.

Q: Can I use the PowerMix with impression material I am currently using?

A: Currently, only Affinity Heavy Body and InFlex tray materials are available in PowerMix compatible 120mL cartridges.

Q: Why do I need to use a 120mL cartridge?

A: The 120mL cartridge is the only compatible size cartridge designed for use with the PowerMix.

Q: How is the PowerMix different than other impression material dispensers?

A: PowerMix differs from larger and much heavier automix impression dispensers in that, at just 2 lbs, the PowerMix can be used to quickly load an impression tray chairside. Its size and minimal weight enable it to be portable and easily transported from operatory to operatory. Additionally, its small footprint takes up very little valuable counter space while charging or being used in its stationary position.

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