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ContacEZ® Supra IPR® Kit

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Be prepared for any IPR with the ContacEZ® Supra IPR® Kit to safely and accurately perform interproximal reduction in any form.

The Supra IPR Kit features the SupraDisc safe-edge diamond disc. SupraDisc’s unique pattern of diamond coating is designed to leave the outside of the disc uncoated and non-abrasive, guiding the path of the disc along the path between the teeth and preventing the edge from grinding deep cuts into the tooth. Other features and benefits include:

  • SupraDiscs top, bottom, dual-coated; 19mm in diameter
  • Snap-On DiscGuard designed to reduce the risk to patients’ soft tissue from spinning discs
  • IPR Strip System and IPR Plus flexible, single-handed diamond strips
  • Strip trays for storage and organization
  • Incremental thickness gauge to confirm accurate IPR.

SupraDisc Safe-Edged Diamond Disc

  1. Use ContacEZ IPR Strips to initiate enamel reduction.

    ContacEZ SupraDisc Step 1
  2. After an adequate pathway has been created, the uncoated edge helps guide the SupraDisc into the interproximal space.

    ContacEZ SupraDisc Step 2
  3. Use the SupraDisc to safely and efficiently complete IPR without creating ledges or gouges.

    ContacEZ SupraDisc Step 3
  4. Old-fashioned discs can easily carve out vital enamel. Using SupraDiscs can help alleviate this problem.

    ContacEZ SupraDisc Step 4

Snap-On Disc Guard Installation Instructions

  1. Snap the disc into the Guard.

    ContacEZ Snap-on Disc Guard Step 1
  2. Press the disc and the Guard into the handpiece.

    ContacEZ Snap-on Disc Guard Step 2
  3. Twist the handle to lock, and it's ready to use.

    ContacEZ Snap-on Disc Guard Step 3
  4. After use, twist the handle to unlock.

    ContacEZ Snap-on Disc Guard Step 4
  5. Remove the disc and the Guard from the handpiece.

    ContacEZ Snap-on Disc Guard Step 5
  6. Take the disc out and dispose of the Guard.

    ContacEZ Snap-on Disc Guard Step 6

IPR Strip System

Yellow IPR Starter 0.07mm Red IPR Opener 0.12mm Blue IPR Widener 0.15mm Green IPR Extra-Widener 0.20mm

IPR Plus Strips

Clear IPR Plus Single-Sided Opener 0.10mm Cyan IPR Plus Single-Sided Widener 0.15mm Purple IPR Plus Super-Widener 0.25mm Brown IPR Plus Mega-Widener 0.30mm Mint IPR Plus Double-Sided Widener 0.35mm Aqua IPR Plus Double-Sided Widener 0.40mm Turquoise IPR Plus Double-Sided Widener 0.45mm Teal IPR Plus Double-Sided Widener 0.50mm

SupraDisc Safe-Edged Diamond Discs

ContacEZ SupraDisc Top Coated Details ContacEZ SupraDisc Bottom Coated Details ContacEZ SupraDisc Dual Coated Details

While traditional diamond discs can carve harmful ledges or gouges into enamel surfaces, SupraDisc uses a unique, non-abrasive edge to make this a thing of the past.

Use SupraDisc, in conjunction with the IPR Strip System, Snap-On DiscGuard, and Incremental Thickness Gauge, to improve patient experiences and bring a unique value to your office.