CRD Item Number: 814100
Manufacturer Item Number: 4100
Mouth Prop & Tongue Guards
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PropGard™ mouth prop’s wedge design prevents contamination from tongue and mouth closure and also helps protect the tongue from trauma. Scrub with a brush, disinfect, and cold sterile (do not autoclave).

  • Use soft when some jaw relief is needed
  • Use firm when optimal opening needs to be maintained

PropGard™ Mouth Prop and Tongue Guard Kit (Item Number: 814100):

  • 5 x soft (yellow) mouth props, size large
  • 5 x firm (purple) mouth props, size regular
  • 10 x left tongue guards
  • 10 x right tongue guards


  • Firm (purple) Mouth Props 5-Pack (814101): 5 x size regular
  • Soft (yellow) Mouth Props 5-Pack (814103): 5 x size large
  • Tongue Guard 10-Pack (814102): 5 x right and 5 x left

Click here to view the PropGard Mouth Prop with Tongue Guard IFU.

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