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Ultradent™ Peak™ SE Self-Etching Primer

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Peak SE Primer contains a strong acid (pH 1.2) with a resin base to ensure optimal etching performance for mechanical retention. The resin contains an ethanol carrier that chases the natural moisture in the tooth, drawing resin in behind it to seal off the etched area while also priming the surface to receive the adhesive. Peak SE Primer is the proven, superior choice for self-etching techniques.

  • Proven bond strengths superior to leading competitors1-4
  • Unique JetMix™ syringe preserves chemistry for optimal performance
  • Syringe delivery allows for minimal waste and optimal control intraorally
  • Delivers fresh, stable chemistry
  • Facilitates an easy, one-coat technique
  • Places precisely and conveniently
  • Eliminates the need for mixing wells or brushes

Gluten Free

Indications for Use

Peak SE Primer can be used for most etching needs in restorative dentistry.

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Peak SE Primer Step by Step for Indirect Bonding

– See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

  1. Scrub Peak SE Primer onto prepared dentin for 20 seconds. (Do not scrub when bonding to enamel.)

    Scrub Peak SE Primer
  2. Thin/dry for 3 seconds.

    Thin/dry for 3 seconds
  3. ​Apply a puddle coat of Peak Universal Bond and agitate for 10 seconds.

    ​​Apply a puddle coat of Peak Universal Bond
  4. ​Thin/dry for 10 seconds and light cure for 10 seconds with VALO®.

    ​​Thin/dry for 10 seconds

Comparison of Three Self-Etch Adhesive Systems, University of Iowa College of Dentistry

Peak SEM Clinical Clearfil SEM Clinical Adper-SEM-Clinical

Proven Superior Bond Strengths

Research has shown that Peak SE Primer delivers unmatched bond strengths on both dentin and enamel when used with Peak™ Universal Bond adhesive.1-4 In fact, in-house testing shows that Peak SE Primer’s self-etch bond strengths on enamel are higher (45.47 MPa) than the bond strengths many other competitor bonding agents provide on dentin.

Bond Strength Graph

Innovative Delivery with the JetMix Syringe

​Peak SE Primer is delivered with the unique JetMix syringe, which keeps the acid and the resin separate until the clinician is ready to activate them. This prevents the premature hydrolytic breakdown that can occur with premixed self-etch chemistries, ensuring strong adhesion throughout the primer’s shelf life.

Ideal Properties for Reduced Sensitivity

Peak SE Primer features a drying agent and viscosity that allow the resin to penetrate and seal off the etched area, reducing sensitivity, while also providing a resin layer to receive the adhesive.

Ultradent's Peak SE Primer and Peak Universal Bond

Peak SE JetMix™ Syringe Activation


Q: How long does Peak SE Primer stay stable after it’s been mixed in the syringe?

A: ​The chemistry is assured fresh for 120 days following activation. We recommend you write the date of activation on the stem of the syringe to keep track of its shelf life.

Q: Is the technique for applying Peak SE Primer to dentin different from the technique for applying it to enamel?

A: ​Yes. When applying Peak SE Primer to dentin, use a continuous scrubbing motion for 20 seconds. Do not scrub when applying to enamel.

Q: When using the self-etch technique, should I use chlorhexidine as a disinfectant?

A: Using chlorhexidine during a bonding procedure is optional. If you’re using the self-etch technique, and you decide to use chlorhexidine, you should apply it before etching.

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1Price RB, McLeod M, Felix CM. Bond strengths of self-etching bonding systems to dentin and enamel. J Dent Res 87(Spec Iss A): 0825, 2008 (www.dentalresearch.org).

2Clinicians Report, Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2010.

3Burgess J, Cakir D. Shear bond strength comparison of six adhesives to dentin with and without the application of chlorhexidine. 2010. Data available upon request.

4In-house testing shows the superior bond strengths of Peak Universal Bond. Data available upon request.

5Vargas M. Ultramorphological evaluation of the resin-dentin-enamel interface produced by three proprietary self-etching adhesive systems. 2007. Data on file.