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CRD Item Number: 719546
Manufacturer Item Number: 546
Provisional Cements
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Consepsis™ Scrub antibacterial slurry is a lightly flavored, 2.0% chlorhexidine gluconate (relative to liquid component) antibacterial scrub. Consepsis Scrub slurry uses inert, finely ground glass as an abrasive scrub instead of powdered pumice, which may contain several impurities from volcanic ash. (Never use prophy paste for prep cleaning, as it contains several potentially contaminating ingredients.) Other features and benefits include:

  • Reduces post-op sensitivity
  • Does not compromise bond strength
  • Comes in a nonsplatter formula
  • Use to clean prior to crown cementation or around ortho brackets
  • Use with STARbrush intercoronal brush prior to sealant placement

Gluten Free

Indications for Use

Use Consepsis Scrub slurry for removing residual temporary cement prior to permanent cementation and for removing debris. Scouring with a quality antibacterial prior to restoring minimizes the potential for post-op sensitivity associated with an influx of microorganisms into dentinal tubules.

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Consepsis Scrub IndiSpense Kit (719546):

Consepsis Scrub 4-Pack Kit (Item Number: 715730):

Consepsis Scrub IndiSpense Syringe Refill (715689): 1 x 30 mL IndiSpense Consepsis Scrub syringe

Consepsis Scrub 4-Pack Refill (715732): 4 x 1.2 mL Consepsis Scrub syringes

Click here to view the Consepsis Scrub SDS.

Click here to view the Consepsis IFU.

Recommended Tips: White Mac tips

Recommended Brushes: STARbrush brushes

Recommended Empty Syringes (for IndiSpense): 1.2 mL empty syringes

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