Ultradentâ„¢ Composite Wetting Resin

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Ultradentâ„¢ Composite Wetting Resin is a 45% filled, light-cured, liquid resin. It is significantly superior to single-component adhesives, which contain solvents and inhibit composite polymerization. Use Composite Wetting Resin during incremental layering of composite use materials. We recommend it to be used when the oxygen-inhibited layer has been removed or disturbed (e.g., washing the composite surface following contamination). Composite Wetting Resin may be placed on the composite surface if it has become dry while contouring composite. Use Composite Wetting Resin on an instrument or brush to enhance glide. Composite Wetting Resin greatly facilitates adaptation of the composite restoration and preparation.

  • Facilitates composite adaptation
  • Does not act as a detriment to polymerization
  • Moistens dry composite during contouring

Gluten Free

Indications for Use

Composite Wetting Resin is a 45% filled, radiopaque light-cured wetting resin. It may be used during the placement of composite if the composite has become dry during incremental layering, or if the oxygen inhibition layer has been removed or disturbed. Composite Wetting Resin helps to improve the glide of the instrument during sculpting and contouring.

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Facilitates Composite Adaptation

​The liquid resin formula allows for excellent adaptation of composite for restorations and preparations.

Moistens Dry Composite During Contouring

​​Composite Wetting Resin is perfect to place on a composite surface if it has become dry while contouring a composite.


​​Ultradent’s Composite Wetting Resin is gluten-free, so it fits in with the lifestyles of patients from any background.

"​I use Composite Wetting Resin instead of a bonding agent to facilitate adaptation of composite. Bonding agents often contain acetones or alcohols that can cause the resins and fillers in the composite to separate, which weakens the surface of the restoration. They also may change the composite's shade after curing."

Dr. Jaimeé Morgan – Salt Lake City, UT

Syringes (Item Number: 743059): 2 x 1.2 mL Composite Wetting Resin syringes.

Q: Does Composite Wetting Resin contain solvents?

A: Composite Wetting Resin contains no solvents so it does not inhibit polymerization of the composite.

Q: For which procedures can Composite Wetting Resin be used?

A: This product can be used for any restorative procedure to enhance glide during composite adaptation. It is ideal for incremental placement of posterior composite as well as for contouring anterior facial composites.

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