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Ultradent™ ChlorCid™ V 3% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

CRD Item Number: 711467

Manufacturer SKU: 1467

Vendor Ultradent
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ChlorCid V solution contains 3% sodium hypochlorite and is more viscous than ChlorCid for enhanced flow control and lubrication. This allows irrigants to flow into remote areas of the root canal for a deeper clean. Other features and benefits include:

  • Ideal for irrigation during endodontic procedures
  • Removes organic tissue during root canal therapies

Indications for Use

ChlorCid V solution is used for irrigating and cleaning root canal preparations.

Gluten Free

Organic Tissue in the Canal

When in the canal, ChlorCid V solution dissolves soft tissue and acts as a file lubricant.

IndiSpense Syringe

Verify flow of all syringes prior to applying intraorally. If resistance is met, replace tip and recheck. To avoid cross contamination, do not re-use tips.

Learn Ultradent's recommended irrigation protocol using Ultradent's complete line of Endodontic irrigants and unique delivery tips. These products can increase success rates and simplify any root canal therapy no matter which cleaning and shaping technique is used. (480 mL bottles not available in Canada.)

ChlorCid V IndiSpense 30 mL Syringe (Item Number: 711467)